Home Business Basics: Generate Leads for Your Home Based Business Now!

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Published: 17th May 2020
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1st Thing is First: Create a Personal Website
This business is all about selling yourself. You need to create your own personal brand...the quickest way to do this: create a website. Provide relevant information that would make someone join your team. Why are you special? How can you help others? How can you make someone else money and create the financial freedom everyone is looking for? This business is all about "paying it forward", so tell your prospects that you are their partner, mentor and industry expert that will help and guide throughout the process.

One Word: Autoresponder
One of the greatest tools in generating leads for your business. As people visit your website, you need to provide something of value...something that will generate an attraction or a "want" to pursue what you and your business is all about. Offer a newsletter or free report...but make sure to take the time and create something that actually does offer value. If the reader feels like this is some lame duck report, they will be turned off and not continue to move forward. As people sign up for your report, your autoresponder generates an automatic email series over a period of time (1-2 weeks). This keeps your brand (YOU) and your information constantly and consistently in front of the prospect. Typically, as soon as a prospect submits their information, the autoresponder begins and you now have a warm, targeted lead you can call.

Set Goals...Measure & Validate
Like anything you do, you need to set goals and stick with them. If you are trying to run a marathon, learn a new language, or start a new business, you need to set short term and long term goals that will eventually bring you to the finish line. Make sure to organize everything on a sheet of paper. Write down your goals--they need to be realistic and measurable . When you write down your short term and long term goals, you can always refer to a physical, tangible document when things aren't going your way. Stay motivated, stay focused and stick to the program! Make sure to measure and validate your accomplishments as you progress...Tracking your results gives you data on areas you are doing well and areas where you need to improve. Validating your results and accomplishments not only creates a sense of satisfaction, but the positive energy leads to motivation. Motivation leads to the hard work that it takes in reaching those goals.

Free Leads are the Best Leads
A great way to generate free leads: write, write write. Write articles, write blog posts, write on Facebook and Twitter. The more you valuable information you can create and post on the internet, the better chance you have of an interested prospect clicking on your brand. Obviously, make sure to link all of your social media together. You can also submit articles on websites such as articlealley, ezines, goarticles, buzzle, etc.

Forums: Learn From Others, Teach Others
Forums are a great way to find more information about the industry and what people are saying. Be courteous to those around you and warm up to the forum with beneficial information. Be sure not to come on too strong, trying to push your products or company.

Most Important: DO NOT QUIT!!
People jumping into the industry, see all the top producers, making 7 figure salaries of a residual income and that's the most attractive thing about this business. The opportunities are endless and ANYONE can do this! But, the reason there is such a high failure rate, is because everyone thinks this will be easy. Generating leads and creating a great, productive team does not happen overnight. You have to create a plan, you have to stay focused and you have to continue to work...and work hard. When things look bleak and you feel like you just can't do this any longer, remember the things that made you start this business in the first place... and DO NOT QUIT! Like every other entrepreneur that starts a franchise, or creates a software company, this is a business. Starting a business takes passion and hard work. Eventually, you will start making progress, things will become easier and you will be come a pro! Whatever it is, whether it's reading an inspirational quote, listening to "eye of the tiger", or looking at pictures of your children (and thinking how in the world am I going to pay for college!!??!?) find that thing that motivates you and remember: DO NOT QUIT!!


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