House Wiring Solutions: Aluminum Or Copper Wires

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The cable and wires industry is one of the major backbone industries in India. Cables and wires are an important factor for everyday life as the importance for power, communication and light is increasing. From a single household to a huge factory everything needs cables and wire to function efficiently. From the economic viewpoint it is seen as a growing industry. There are many types of wires and cables such as high voltage cables, copper wiring, crane cable, winding wires, fiber optics and even data cables. The cable and wire industry is challenging fields as needs of consumers have been changing consistently Cables and wires goes unnoticed most of the times even thou these are important to run our daily life successfully.

There are many players in this industry as it is a demanding field. One of the biggest Cables & Wires manufacturer in India is Polycab. Telecommunication is one of the major sectors for the growth of the industry now, with the growing lifestyle with electronic device, wireless internet (wifi), and the 4G plans. The rising price of copper is a biggest challenged face by the manufactures as it effects the market price as the want to produce long lasting products.

However wire company in India is coming up with varied house wiring solutions at affordable rates and with indeed high quality. It is remarkable to know that how cables and wires are the basic elements in bringing a revolution in the technological world. Copper wires were invented in 1820’s and still continues to dominate all other prevailing wires. With various advancements in the cable industry, demand for copper wires persists. They have high safety standards and are internationally recognized metals to be used in house wiring. No metal has been yet found to replicate copper wires.

However many also use aluminum as a substitute. Aluminum has great value over copper because of its eight. Aluminum cables are reasonably priced and light in weight which makes them mobile and flexible to distribute power over long distances. Aluminum cables are more applicable to industries.

Composition and appearance of cables and wires change as per the requirement and advancement. However, the conductors in these wires remain the same. Also the wireless medium in trend today can function based on the signals of modem that requires cables and wires for signal transmission. The need for cables will continue to exist no matter to what extent the wireless world goes.

Ashish Poly is an expert in making research on house wiring solutions. He is constantly trying to explore how we can have netter application of them.

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