How a creative advertising agency builds integrated campaigns

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Published: 10th May 2020
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Even the best advertising agency in India can never completely predict success or failure of any particular product or service or even initiative no matter how fool proof a campaign it compiles for the client. Consumer behavior is forever in a state of flux and has to be continually mapped. While clients and companies should understand that there is nothing labeled as guarantee in this business, a good ad agency India can definitely showcase them better to target markets and connect with their audiences through several selected life triggers. This consumer connect is what is emphasized highly upon by companies these days. Building this connect is what every agency tries to do through subtle campaigns that play on consumer behavior, triggers as mentioned, motivations, aspirations and little nitty gritties of life as we know it. However, no campaign is based on innovation alone though that one killer idea has to be found and approved by the client.

A good television and print ad agency in India will first present a detailed market survey of the targeted customer base, its preferences, desires, product opinions and likewise to clients. Based on extensive research and knowledge gathering, the strategy for the campaign will be formulated. Working out the USP of the product and differentiation aspects from competitors is one part of the plan with regard to positioning the product in its suitable space appropriately. The advertising agency will then work out an integrated approach and messages suitable for different communication platforms including print, television, radio, social media platforms, blogs and the like. There will be separate plans of action for each and every medium while media buying and planning will also come into the picture in this context as the agency will try to give the client as much visibility as possible.

Cohesive and creative communication agency services should always be geared towards attracting clients and building a common ground for better identification with the product. The product should be capable of being positioned as a daily life companion or solution whichever way one looks at it. Customers should be able to relate to the core product in question. This requires expertise and a thorough understanding of the market, attributes you should always look for while choosing an agency. Rego Advertising is a potent solution in this regard, particularly due to its customer research and insight driven campaigns and marketing techniques in addition to its full service portfolio that will help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Jason Rego is an advertising expert and offers advice on choosing advertising agencies, campaigns, strategies and several other aspects of the industry.

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