How choose a central heating boiler?

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Published: 25th April 2020
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A central heating boiler can provide warmth to your whole hotel, warming everything from the water to the hotel rooms, and ultimately the people inside. Unlike localized heating, central heating occurs in one place and then the heat is spread out via a system of pipes and duct work. A boiler generates heat via the process of fuel combustion-- here a chosen fuel (gas, oil or wood) is burned and transformed into heat, making it one of the cleanest heating systems around, as far as indoor air quality is concerned. There are several factors to consider when updating and replacing your central heating boiler.

Central Heating Boiler Choose Tips:
Decide which type of fuel you want to operate your central heating boiler. Gas or oil are most common, and many prefer the convenience of gas since you can connect your unit up to a main gas supply and avoid having to replenish when empty. Wood burning boilers are more labor intensive, since the ashes must be regularly cleaned out. Also consider that the type of fuel can greatly determine the cost of the service and maintenance your system will require. It is more expensive to service an oil-burning boiler system, for instance, than a gas or wood-burning boilers.

Calculate the size or capacity of the central heating boiler your space requires. Ultimately, the size of your building, the number of bathrooms and the number of people who occupy the house will determine the capacity you need.

Compare energy efficiency ratings. Similar to furnaces, boiler energy efficiency is measured by assigning each unit an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. Cut your hotel heating costs by at least 30 percent by installing a boiler.


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