How Incarcerated Fathers Break the Walls to Maintain Parenthood

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Published: 06th February 2017
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A growing child is often equipped with too many questions that almost adults like us don't like to entertain. Due to their curiosity, they learned and developed their own thoughts and perception of how things go. Children who are living with their parents don't get enough guidance even if they are close to each other and lives in the same roof. Incarcerated parents specifically the fathers are limited to giving their best parental concern and advice whenever their children have problems or feeling down. As fathers, we don't want to let our child suffer the loss of a paternal image on their lives. Which is why, more and more fathers tend to look for the best ways to reach out their children.
Every encounter should be memorable and unforgettable. Your children won't probably just as the normal kid they used to be when you were with them outside the jail, but you can bring the good times back. Surprises and personalized crafts made by your own hands have a great impact on a child's mind and emotional state. They become easily drawn to something that would bring joy to them. The special occasions on your child's life should not be also forgotten especially graduation and birthdays. Even if you are not physically visible in his/her graduation rights, be sure to send a letter of how he/she did well in school.
Communication cannot be purely attained without a two-line relationship. At the first stage or we may say first few months that you were in jail, your children are always sending you updates on what they're up to or just a mere note of you shouldn't worry because they are pretty well. Replying back with a more joyful tone could drive a better establishment of a father to son or father to daughter relationship. They would surely appreciate every time you're sending how well you've been doing inside and gives them the hope of a sooner chance of being with them. As snail mails require more time, instant and cheap inmate phonecalls are a good choice to keep up the conversation going. A longer time is shared through telephone calls and serves as an interactive way but with a personal touch. Parenthood might be challenging while inside the prison cell, but companies like Offender Connect, Evercom, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and others connects fathers and their children all over the state.
Unconditional love is the powerful tool that a father can use to still be a parent to their children. More than any material thing, fathers should give their time and effort selflessly. This might be a difficult when your children have grown too far from you and their environment has influenced them in a lot of ways. Blood is thicker than water and nothing can ever change that. They will still find their roots and eventually a harmonious relationship will be the fruit of your efforts.

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