How To Live With More Peace-- Twelve Painless Steps For Letting Go Of Any Concern To The Lord!

Published: 17th August 2015
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Staying swamped with worries is sure to heighten your anxieties or drag you down! One of the main secrets of the spiritual life is knowing ways to cast cares out of your heart into God's Hands. That truly restores inner peace!

These 12 "steps" are part fanciful, part descriptive, to give you a vision for how this practice of casting your cares upon God essentially functions. They will restore freedom to your life in Christ!

1) Father God Desires To Mend Our Broken World. That is the element that we fail to remember and it can really hinder us until our eyes of faith have been opened. Unless our Lord sees the concern and desires to remedy it, it won't get dealt with! The first act to bring the hoped for solution originates with God .

2) The Lord Reveals To Me The Concern He Has. God wants to employ me as a part of His remedy to the issue that concerns Him. To accomplish that He must first get me to see the point at issue. Maybe I read about it; it could be that it is spoiling my daily life. Somehow it captures my interest and raises my concern.

3) Right Away I Become Stressed Over It. My early response is to only see it as "my" headache. Right here is where we get led on to grow uptight or discouraged, especially if the problem looks to be bigger than our ability to work through it. What in the world can possibly be done about it?

4) Jesus Advises Me To Pray. That is typically the Lord's point of entry into the condition through me. This ought to be inspiring: just why would our God ask me to pray unless there was something important He wanted to do? Nevertheless I may possibly complain, "Just pray? Is there nothing else to be done?".

5) I Tell It To God But Experience No Release . The fact is, if I possess only a little reliance upon prayer or belief in God's powers, I will tell the petition to God, but not truly give it to Him. You have seen this! Telling a friend about your car's problems is never the same thing as entrusting it to a technician. If all I do is complain about it, but don't release it, the weight of the concern rises.

6) The Father Advises Me To Pray It Through. Over and over I am reminded to place the worry on Him. Our Lord is a very persistent Guide! Inevitably, I catch on that the Lord isn't asking me to have to endure such a aching heart about the problem. Entirely the opposite!

7) I Finally Let It Go Out Of My Heart Into His Hands. This is where the genuine transaction takes place. Until I emotionally connect with the situation my prayers will contain little actual substance. But if I always keep it in my heart it does no one any good, especially me! My task all along was to consign the problem into God's Hands.

8) God Grants Awesome Peace. Because I have parted with the problem to God, He gives me peace as a manifestation that I have definitely released it. I might say, "I know God has heard my prayer." God's hearing isn't the issue! He heard every part of my former prayers too. He just never "heard" me passing it on to Him!

9) I Re-consider It And Grow Anxious Again. Don't laugh! You have fallen for this plenty of times too. We take it back. The living sacrifice slithered off the altar simply because God wasn't acting quickly enough. Once again the sweet peace is gone.

10) The Lord Advises Me To Pray It Through All Over Again. I do. By now it's easier to let it go. It is such a release!

11) At Last He Can Powerfully Start To Work. Now that the concern is in His Hands, God can work on it, rather than use it to work on me! Yes indeed, a piece of this test was to discipline me in the life-giving way of trusting my God. Why is that so hard?

12) At Some Later Time, Jesus Reveals What He Did. By then, I could be fretting about other problems, but I pause to praise Him for taking care of that former problem and take advantage of it to strengthen my heart to fully release the present problem.

The main indicator of an useful prayer life is an ease of being able to trust God with all things, in all things. True inner peace does not come to us without the relinquishment of our concerns and burdens to God, along with our stress-filled attempts to save the problem with our own works. We must commit it to God for Him to take care of it.

Travel along these twelve easy steps into a life of freedom in Christ!


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