How to attract new customers with Facebook

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Published: 04th December 2016
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Facebook is a social network that offers a wide range of business, but selling services which provides not as easy as it sounds. With Facebook, you can sell products, increase its online visibility and increase traffic to their site, but if you plan to do it without spending a penny good luck.
With the new changes brought all EdgeRank, the visibility Organic Facebook page seems to be down 6%, and have more fans does not necessarily mean more engagement, as evidenced by this study presented by Mashable.
However, after writing several articles weaknesses of the social network, I wanted to write some suggestions for those who decide to use it within their web marketing strategies, but first.
Two important clarifications on Facebook
Why use Facebook
Facebook is the largest social network in the world and in Italy with 25 million subscribers, but this does not necessarily imply that you just invest some money to sell, because the real purpose of Facebook for you, you should be bringing people in on your target site.
Why do people sign up to Facebook
People go to Facebook to socialize, meet new friends and pick up, but despite this, on Facebook you can be informed about current events and more, that are often not reported by mainstream media. On Facebook, people do not go to buy, simply because Facebook was not created with this in mind, do you think that those who have created just wanted to gnaw ex-girlfriend, but that does not mean it is not possible to increase their sales on the internet using this great social network.
10 moves to sell on Facebook
Attract new customers on Facebook in 10 moves
1 - Attract customers with the content on your site
Selling on Facebook is to bring customers to your site and to do so, you need to have interesting, engaging and unique.
2 - What kind of content use
To attract customers to your site using Facebook, you can use different types of content:
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3 - Content Direct and Indirect
The contents are direct posts that bring your fans directly to your own page, while the contents are the posts that have indirect links, are typically video or images. Generally Posts indirectly generate more engagement by helping to grow the page but do not generate traffic to your site. What I suggest is to use both strategies.
4 - Direct and Indirect Sales
Even when it comes to selling, we can use the concept of "direct" or "indirect". Selling directly means sharing the post to take you directly to the pages of your products or services, sell indirectly means bringing your fans on pages with articles or other content useful, once there will have to find CTA (Call to Action) that push them to buy. Again, you should use both methods of sale.
5 - Turn the pages of your website in the "Landing Page"
Every time you share a page on your site on Facebook you do to attract new customers, but when they arrive on your site what are they? Remember that a Facebook campaign is useless without a good site, so each of your page should be designed as a landing page where your customers can contact you for more information or to buy your products.
6 - Use Facebook also off-line
Your Contact Facebook should not just be on your website but also in all online activities. If you have a shop, for example, put a sticker with your Facebook user name, enter its your business cards, flyers, posters and where you can.
7 - Optimize Your Facebook Page
Inside of your Facebook page you have to enter much information as possible, but above all do not forget:
Links to your site
A brief presentation
The description of your services and / or products
8 - Start from friends and family
Also on the internet you must first submit your business to friends and family, and the same is true for Facebook. Before investing in advertising and finding new potential customers are sure that friends, relatives and acquaintances have made a nice like on your page.
9 - Use Facebook Ads
To increase the visibility of your posts you have to invest in Facebook Ads. If you are early in your campaign you should invest first of all like on your page, once you have reached a number that you think suitable for your business, start investing on the visibility of your posts.
10 - Do not use "Click Men"
Online you will find many services that we offer thousands of like a few Euros but beware! There are no shortcuts in web marketing, and once bought one of those services.Facebook is slowly becoming a platform where you can advertise only for a fee, but this does not exclude the fact that we can sell also using this social network. By following the 10 steps that I have mentioned, you'll definitely some more chance to make a profit using Facebook.
To get more information about it, you can request a free web marketing advice.
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