How to automatically clean your hard drive of unnecessary information?

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Your hard drive is filled with a large number of individual files. They come in different sizes and types, for example, ipg, exe, avi, mp3, doc and many others. As a rule, most of the spaces on your hard drive movies. Especially large files are high-definition video. Photos and pictures can also occupy a lot of space. If you are a music lover, then your music collection can consume a large amount. Your computer probably has a few games, and in fact some of them are also very large. It takes time, and your computer will run slower, sometimes hangs on and off. Most likely, the fact is that the hard drive is full it, though of course there may be other causes of malfunctions PC, but you need to check the hard drive first.
How to check that the cause of crashing your PC that its disk is full? Of course, you need to go to the properties of the computer and see how much space is available on your hard drive. If space is very short, it is necessary to solve this problem in some way. First of all, you want to see what it was hammered your disk which folders on it are, and which of these folders are the largest. You can do this with the help of programs that perform disk space analysis, for example, Disk Usage Analizer. You can use any other similar program that you have. On the Internet there are many such programs, but they all work about the same. Run the program, select it drive that should be analyzed, and it will show you the structure and volume folders.
Once you figure out what files are taking you up the most space, you need these files somewhere to move, for example, to external media. Just think about the fact, and whether you need the movies you have watched, and are unlikely to look in the near future. Remove installed on the computer game in which you have already finished playing. When all you do is remove, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much disk space you have freed.
Once you have freed the hard drive of unnecessary files of large size, you need to remove duplicate files from your hard drive. I am sure that the same files you have in considerable quantity, and eventually they accumulate more and more. Do not try to do it manually, because it is a long and futile exercise. All the same, you will not be able in this way to remove any significant amount of duplicates. For this purpose, special programs have been developed, for example, Duplicate Remover Free or Duplicate File Detector and many, many others. How do they work? You run the program tell her where to find duplicates, and after a while it gives you a list of all duplicate files. In this list you have to check all the files you want to delete, and then the program will delete duplicate files. We should not ignore the cleaning procedure from the hard drive of duplicate because they often take up much space. This especially applies to copies of films.
So, your hard drive clean of unnecessary information, and you have enough space again, to ensure the smooth operation of your PC. Just do not forget to clean your disk regularly, for example, every three months or six months, so that your hard drive is not filled again. Otherwise, you run the risk of ever losing important information if your computer crashes.

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