How To Avoid Being Seasick When Sailing

Published: 08th April 2015
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Sea sickness isn't actually a real sickness or disease. It is a type of motion sickness or the usual response of a person to unaccustomed racking motion while on a water vessel. It happens when the brain receives conflicting visual, motion and auditory signals. While our eyes tell us that we're on a still platform, our body and the equilibrium sensors in the ear tells the brain that we're actually in a moving environment. The information mismatch causes the brain to send an alarm signal to the whole body in order to halt all activities such as the digestion process. This warning signal from the brain also causes nausea, cold sweating, pallor, vomiting, sighing, burping, yawning, hyperventilation, somnolence, and light headiness.

While sea sickness isn't really life-threatening, it could definitely ruin even the most planned out trip. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid this condition and enjoy your time on the water. Here are some tips on how to prevent sea sickness.

1. Never drink beverages that contain caffeine a day before boarding the boat, and when on the boat. You may get a headache once you put high levels of caffeine into your system which can trigger sea sickness.

2. Avoid alcoholic drinks the night before or once you are on the boat. When on a cruise, it's a great idea to just wait until you get your "sea legs". Just then, it is the time when you can drink as much alcohol and caffeine that you want.

3. Have plenty of sleep before going on a trip. It may be difficult if you are worried about being seasick, but there is no doubt that it will help. Try getting on the boat relaxed and look forward to the cruise rather than being anxious about it. Tiredness and exhaustion makes you more prone to other things that may lead to motion sickness.

4. Keep the horizon on sight, but don't focus or stare at it. Avoid staring at things such as walls and furniture for it may send wrong signals of stability to your brain.

5. Avoid individuals that are seasick. Watching someone suffering from seasick will definitely make you feel ill. Try to stay distant with those who are sick so that the sight and sound of their sickness won't make you feel ill as well.

6. Take up medicines one day in advance. Medicines are more effective when it's already in your bloodstream once you've stepped on the boat. And also, you may avoid the problem of forcing yourself to take up medicine while you're feeling sick.

7. Try to pick large and modern ships. Larger ships use stabilizers that provide the smoothest ride possible.

8. Drink either Coke or Pepsi. These drinks contain phosphoric acid which is an ingredient in Emetrol, a drug that is designed to control vomiting. Also, eat Saltine crackers. These crackers are capable of absorbing the excess acidity as well. Take an antacid if the indigestion is really bad.

9. Clean your ears before going on a large cruise or trip. Doing this has helped a lot of people lessen their proneness to seasickness by letting the ears' balance mechanism to function better.

10. Keep yourself in a good physical condition. It lessens your chances of being seasick and also, it lowers its debilitating effects on you.

11. Stay in a spot where you may get plenty of fresh air and shade once on the boat. However, make sure you won't get too hot and regularly sip some water for you to avoid dehydration. It is more advisable to eat light snacks rather than getting hungry.

12. Stay away from diesel and exhaust fume as much as possible. When on a small boat, never leave the engine running when not in need, especially when the exhaust fumes tend to go back into the boat.

13. Avoid eating heavy, greasy and acidic foods, but be sure to eat something light an hour before getting on the boat so your stomach have something to process. Be aware of the salad's dressing for it may contain vinegar which is acidic. Avoid taking fruit juices too.

Nobody wants to experience seasickness, especially when going on a trip or a cruise. So in order to avoid such things, do yourself a favor and prepare.


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