How to Be a Good Leader

Published: 15th October 2008
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To become a Good leader the most important requirement is that you should have a goal, a motto or a mission in life. You should hold the beliefs close to your and believe in them so strongly that you would be ready to do ything possible to see them fulfilled. You can successfully become a good leader once you realize how you can guide your peers, colleagues or subordinates - whatever you choose to call them, to achieve your on with the same conviction that you hold. Your subordinates should feel safe under your command. They should feel that they are under the command of a very trustworthy person who is guiding them to achieve success for themselves and for the organization.

As soon as you have gained the trust of your subordinates you will automatically move to a higher level - you will become a leader rather than a just being a manager. The transition would be so gradual and smooth that it will feel like a dream come true. As a Good Leader you will be tackling the difficult situations that arise, providing good quality solutions to many problems. But you will not be alone - you will have a team of people working for you. These will be people who look up to you - people who are helping you to create success in your organization. All this said is true but you need to ask yourself - how will I find what I truly believe in? How will people trust in me? What you need to understand is - this is not about the people following you, it is everything about "You".

You will need to do soul truthful soul searching. to become a Good leader you need to ask yourself what is most valuable to you? What are the limits of your values in life? What are the most heart felt beliefs that that important to you? What are the limits of your ethics? Once you have answers to these questions you can check with yourself, how far do you go to bring these into practice in you day to day life? Is your organization compatible with your ideas, beliefs and ethics? How can you ensure that your superiors and your subordinates help you to succeed in these? You will need to put yourself through this check list not just once but time and again. This will help you get a clearer picture of how close you are to your mission and what changes need to be made.

To be a Good Leader you need to have feed back from your subordinates and superiors as well. You need know what the goals for your team members are. To get this information and feed back from them you need to have good communication and cognitive skills. Find what problems they face, be empathetic. Put yourself in their shoes to see and know what they want. Always have two approaches to solve a problem. These few small things do matter and will surely take you to the path of success and will make you a Good Leader.

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