How to become a full time yoga teacher

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Teaching yoga is often considered as an extra activity you should do besides your full time job. People don't believe it is possible to turn teaching yoga into a full time career. This idea is not correct. It is definitely possible to be a full time yoga teacher and to earn enough money to live comfortable from your teachings. To be able to do this you need to offer good classes, have some business skills and do good marketing.

It is important to think carefully about the location where you want to start your yoga studio. When you are just starting, you don't necessarily have to teach in one place. You don't even have to rent a location. You can offer yoga classes in schools and use the gym hall, you can give corporate yoga classes and use a meeting room, you can even teach in your own home if you have the space for it. When you teach in your home, it is important that the private and professional part of the house are clearly separated. Students shouldn't feel like they are practicing yoga in your living room. There should be a separate, clean room for your classes without having to go through your personal rooms. Be creative. There are many other ways to teach yoga without having to invest in a location. A good way to avoid rent for a yoga space is to offer schools to teach yoga to the students and to be able to use the gym in the evening in return. This way you don't have to pay for the gym and by teaching to the students you can also reach their parents who might be interested to follow your yoga classes in the evening.

An important element to consider is the population of the area where you wish to teach. There should be at least 50,000 inhabitants so you can reach enough people for your classes. If you want to open your own studio then you should make sure the studio is easy to reach. It should be reachable with public transportation and there should be a car park (free car park would be best, paying car park is also acceptable).

Make sure you do some research before deciding where you will teach. Many people think you should teach where the offer of yoga is very low because then you have less competition. But you should also consider why the offer is low. Maybe because the demand for yoga is low. Where there are many yoga schools it means there is a high demand so it is a good place for you to start a business. Go to other successful yoga schools, check out how they do their marketing, how much they charge for their classes and in the beginning just copy what they are doing. Don't try to be the cheapest, people won't trust you, and don't be the most expensive, people won't pay for it. Verify what other teachers charge and fix your price more or less in the middle.

Spend enough time and money on marketing. People have to know about your classes and they should be attracted to try them out. Invest in a good website, do social media, make sure your website ranks on Google,... Online marketing is the most popular form of marketing these days.

Be patient. It can easily take up to a year before a yoga business becomes profitable. In the beginning it is important to build up a name and a good reputation. The students that come to your classes should be overwhelmed by the high quality of your classes and they should want to come back. Make sure your students are loyal to you. Their positive feedback will attract more and more people to come.
In the beginning you can accept everything: private classes, group classes, yoga for children, yoga for limited movement, A good way to do marketing is to give workshops. You can give a workshop on yoga for beginners, meditation, inverted poses, hand balancing, This allows people to try out your classes, and it is a good way to win new students for the regular classes.

It is recommended to give about 10 classes per week. The classes should be 1.5 hours. That allows you to spend about 30 minutes on warming up and 20 minutes on final relaxation. Don't skip these parts of the class. The body should be warm before doing asanas and when the students feel completely relaxed after your final relaxation they will definitely come back.

If you want to learn more about how to become a professional yoga teacher and how to set up your own yoga studio, you can follow a Yoga teacher training in India.

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