how to Buy a Home .

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Published: 04th December 2016
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A perfect Home is place where you get the Happiness in life , how can this new generation buy a perfect home in the city like banaglore there are so many advertisements all over internet and on rad as hoardings, how can we trust what is the things to be checked , a perfect guide and tip for you to make a perfect home and a perfect family .
Choose The Location
In banaglore there are 100 of builders constructing there property in and around the city , is it the right place to buy a home , how can we analyse it , there are few measure for the same . these are the important point to be checked while buying a home.
Home should be near your office , This will reduse your traveling time from office to home and home to office everyday , this will help you to give more time to you family
Real estate value appreciation - choose localities Like electronic city , where there is always a value appreciation , cause every year companies like Infosys and Wipro intake thousands of employees and there is always a demand , " When Demand Increase Price also increases " a normal policy .
Builder and construction
Always buy from reputed Builders this will give you clear property legaly , Still make sure you are doing the legal verification from your end.
Mortage and housing loan
Approach good banks , make sure you get min interest rate.
Documents to be checked before booking
occupancy Certificate
Khata copy and extract
Mother deed documents
Tax paid receipts
these documents are compuslsory , along with other documents like RTC < etc
Stamp Duty and Registration
Make sure you pay proper stamp duty and regsitration charges always
Flat for sale in bangalore
Companies Like City Cradle Homes used to give free legal verification to any of the clients , who will get the proper legal opinion before they buy a property . They have there own check list and team of advocates work round the clock to assist the buyer.
"Buying your first home is a big step, and also a very big financial commitment,". "Your child needs to understand that repayments will account for a big chunk of their monthly income, which may mean they aren't able to afford additional expenses such as studying further or trips away with friends."
It is not only a big financial commitment, but also a long-term commitment.
"If they don't have a reasonable plan for at least the next few years, they possibly shouldn't be committing to a 20 year bond,"

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