How to Buy Costume Jewelry that Will Make You Look Expensive

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Whenever you see emerald earrings the size of a child’s fist hanging on the ears of your favorite Hollywood celebrities, chances are you’ll think that they’re the real deal because it is unthinkable for celebrities to wear cheap, costume jewelry right? You can browse for cheap jewellery online and see for yourself whether or not they would be worn by celebrities at any given day and find that at the kind of quality and materials they are made from today, they can easily pass for the real deal.

Believe it or not, celebrities don’t always wear real diamonds, real emeralds or real rubies. Just like you, they are as concerned about security and would rather not wear anything when they do regular errands and just save the real bling for those red carpet events and award shows. Costume jewelry were regarded a few years back as merely an ornament and not as a complement to any outfit because they would be usually made of cheap materials and were referred to as merely trinkets, instead of something that can be collected or invested in.

However, that was then and this is now. No longer just the gaudy baubles of old, costume jewelry is designed to keep up with their real counterparts, minus the hefty price tags. These days, high-end crystals, cubic zirconia, simulated diamonds and even semi-precious stones are used to create the perfect costume jewelries which is what makes them such a hit with fashionistas everywhere. You can check out OzBling to see the various styles of costume jewelry available in the market today and see how much they have evolved.

Because costume jewelries have evolved from the gaudy baubles of old, the question now is how to wear them without looking cheap and what women should look for when buying costume jewelries to accessorize their outfits with. Any jewelry, real or not, when worn by women, she will be judged on two things: what’s she’s wearing and how she wears it.

Often what she’s wearing can be based on the make, style and materials used for that particular piece of jewelry. As mentioned above, high-end crystals, cubic zirconia, simulated diamonds and semi-precious stones are what comprises costume jewelry pieces of today like those sold on sites like for example. The key is simply to choose pieces that are well-made, well-crafted and are not to vulgar in design and taste. When wearing a statement piece, don’t try to match your other jewelry around it as it being a “statement” piece, you can ruin it by overpowering it with other accessories and instead of coming out strong, you can come out weak and just plain ridiculous.

The next thing that can separate the gaudy from the gorgeous are the gems. Between 1945-1960, there was an era known as the Art Modern period and it was one era where costume jewelries really shone. Pieces made from jade, opal, citrine and topaz, as well as emeralds and rubles and even pearls became very popular among the rich and elite who wanted affordable jewelry that looked classy and tasteful. There are costume jewelry which, if you’re not careful, can turn out to be a waste of your time, money and effort because they break as soon as you wear them or if you wear them more than once. Always look for costume jewelry were the gems and stones that are either prong set or hand tied, never ones that are glued on so that you can be sure you find costume jewelries like those on the Oz Bling website, that you can use for a long time and ones that are definitely worth investing in. You can visit and find exquisitely-made pieces that rival their real counterparts.

And lastly, wearing costume jewelry with class comes down to three things: size, color and your outfit. Unless you’re a member of the Royal Family, it may be best to keep the sizes of your stones down to a minimum. Small and tasteful is always what you’ll want to go for, not big and gaudy. As for color, this is the time when colored gemstones may not be so easy to pull off or be considered as one-of-a-kind. Stick to the natural or colorless again, small and tasteful is always what you want to go for as colored gemstones in costume jewelry can make you look cheap if you’re not careful with your selections.

And when you shop for OzBling costume jewellery online make sure you wear the right outfit with them. A ruby pendant and earrings won’t exactly complement a jeans and sweatshirt ensemble nor will simulated diamonds look better with dresses in loud prints. Always make sure to match your outfits and jewelry with the occasion and you won’t go wrong.

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