How to Choose the Right Office Door Sign Frame

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Published: 06th February 2017
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There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when looking for the best office door sign frames for your business. Money, for one - you need to make sure you choose the sign frames you can afford at the volume you need. Functionality and ease of use are also important. And of course, you need to like how the signs look and how they fit the overall design of your office facilities. Luckily, whatever your needs warrant and your circumstances allow, you'll be able to find, but you will need to shop around. So, here's a little cheat sheet that will help you find exactly what you need.

Arris Office Door Sign Frames
Arris office door sign frames are the high-end option. They are designed in a way that makes them look very professional, with no unwanted details, just straight lines and the signs you put into them. They require a suction cup to be used in order to remove the lens, but once you get a hang of it -and you won't need a lot of practice to do it - you'll see they are very easy to use. They come in only one finish - brushed aluminum, which gives them their elegant look, and in a variety of dimension.
Pros: high quality design and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Cons: expensive and have only Aluminum finish option

Vista Office Door Sign Frames
The Vista system office door sign frames give you a lot for a moderate price. They have a very European styled curved frame design that makes the signage you put into them literally pop out. Their non-glare lens needs a suction cup to be removed, and they come in different finish options for both the frame and the end caps.
Pros: the unique curvature and an array of finish options
Cons: require suction cup to replace inserts

Metro Drop-In Door Sign Frames
Metro Drop-In door sign frames are high-end frames. While their frames themselves look good and professional, their key feature is high quality crystal acrylic lens, which looks like real glass and give the sign frames a sophisticated look. You don't have to use a suction cup to change the signs you place within the frame, and the frame itself comes in three finishes - silver, white and black, which the lens comes clear or with a subtle green tint for that glass-like look.
Pros: different finishes and glass-like lens.
Cons: price

If you want affordability, Affordaframe door sign frames are the way to go. And the fact they're affordable doesn't take out anything out of them esthetically - they will look good in any office you place them. They come in two distinct styles, and they do not need a suction cup to change the signage. If you're looking for different finish options, Affordaframe might not be the best brand for you.
Pros: affordable yet good-looking.
Cons: lack of different finish options, even though they come in two different styles.

Another affordable option, SnapFrame sign frames look well, don't cost too much, and are rugged and durable. They have a classic design that can't fail, and the snap plate that covers the insert you use is easy to remove with a suction cup. SnapFrame sign frames come in several different finish options and in different sizes, so they can find their place in any kind of office.

Pros: affordable, durable, different finish options.
Cons: less stylish than other sign brands
We covered the most expensive to the most affordable sign frames for your office doors and walls. Each one of them will do its primary job well - they will make way-finding lot easier. Free sample kits are available and you can order one right now by vising our website:

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