How to conquer Clinginess and Uncertainty

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Recently I experienced the embarrassing bad luck of being ferociously put in the friendzone by a pretty woman. Even though I'm more than 2 years into "dealing with the girls area of life." So it seems I'm not nearly as cool as I thought I'd been. The friendzone is not a self-belief matter, or an opening situation, or a comfort matter. It is really an ATTRACTION problem.

My Favorite pickups, in which I managed to get the Sexy girl and she proceeded to go home with me at night, I overcame insecurity and neediness. The Manner in which I achieved it is important! Just Understanding neediness and insecurity will be the opponents does not help in any way! You will need a method to eliminate them.

I overcame insecurity by way of a cocky/funny approach. You cannot be afraid of a girl and be busting her balls simultaneously. It's just impossible. You cannot be scared of her and also be giving her a hard time. As soon as you Begin on her for something, Your own low self-esteem will vanish. This is how you remove insecurity. You know the "fake it till you make it" recommendation? If you aren't experiencing it, USE THAT at this point! Just start ripping on her (in a fun way) anyway. You'll be pleasantly surprised how rapidly the tide turns and you Will be feeling it.

I beat down neediness by making HER follow ME by means of frame control. "This would not work, you happen to be much too OLD/overly young. But we can be pals." "You happen to be from LA (or Wherever) Uh-oh, I wouldn't date ladies who live in that place. That's Two strikes against you."

You cannot be clingy While at the same time be implying she wants you and also suggesting you Two be pals. Frame control is Amazing stuff. It's almost like the Jedi-mind-trick. You SAY it and basically about WILL it to take place. I have Rarely had a girl call me out on it and been like "Oh as if, you're much too old / young for me!" or "Well I wouldn't go out with you anyhow." They've ALWAYS 100% of times, simply gone along with whichever frame I set in place. So SET it!!! Ladies like to follow. Allow them to.

These aren't new principles. Frame control, C&F have been taught for years. However discovering how Crucial they are to eradicating neediness and insecurity is pretty important. I really believe I failed to make progress with the past lady because I never said any of these frame control kinds of things and so I ended up chasing HER. Sure I was cocky/funny. But that is insufficient if she believes YOU are chasing after HER. At the end, she would not even KISS me. Don't let that happen.

I wish I was telling you this merely from success stories, but I actually have lost just as many women because of NOT doing these 2 items as I've wound up closing by keeping in mind to do this. It is not "natural" for me. I have to remind myself to hold that 'She is pursuing ME' frame and bust her balls. Exceed it. Much more than you believe is required. When I've believed I am overdoing it, the girl simply reacted better.

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