How to Determine Where to Legally Marry When Having a Beach Wedding

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Quite often, a beach wedding will probably take place in a different country compared to country of origin of the couple therefore you will be required to determine the best place to carry out the legalities. What made it difficult for us is the fact that we're not only from different countries, but different regions entirely. In addition, because we're now residing in a country (Singapore) which is different than each of our countries of origin (Netherlands and Indonesia) further complicated the case.

This caused it to be vital for us to consider exactly in which jurisdiction we wanted to have our legal wedding. Marriage law may differ considerably and it is important that you do some research surrounding this prior to making an official decision the best place to tie the knot.

In our case, we only considered three different alternatives with regard to where to have our legal wedding. It was either going to be the Holland, Indonesia, or perhaps Singapore. The question then became, what would we feel the most happy with from a legal standpoint, which required lots of exploration on our part.
Will the Country Support Civil Marriage or Not?

One of the very first variables we looked into is whether the country supported Civil marriage. This was essential for us given that both of us have different religions and it may consequently prove difficult to get married through a religious authority. This instantly eliminated Indonesia as an option even though this is where we planned to hold our beach wedding and ceremony. In Indonesia, most marriages are performed by a religious authority of an officially permitted religion initially, and only after that are they allowed to be recorded by the civil authority. Afterwards, this just left the Netherlands and Singapore being an selection for us to choose from.

Does your own Country Recognise Your International Marriage?

If you're planning to get married in a country other than your own, the marriage will be registered in that country. The question will be whether or not the marriage in that country is going to be recognized by the law of the country where you reside, or where you plan to spend your time. If not, you may face all kinds of complications at a later date. In our situation, our countries of origin are the Netherlands and Indonesia each recognize marriages from Netherlands, Indonesia, and Singapore so that left our possibilities open. Its beneficial making sure this with the local authorities of the country concerned nevertheless.

Do you know the Marriage Requirements in the Country?

As we learned as we commenced our investigation, just about every country has different requirements when getting married too and a few demand a quite a bit of preparation ahead of time. We're so relieved that we spent the time to look into this.

A number of the items to decide upon that we came across:

    Some countries require that the couple has been resident in the country for a specific period of time prior to marriage

    There can be a minimum age for the couple that is being married

    There could be a need to do blood test and other medical analysis

    Some countries require parental consent to get married

    Numerous countries require substantiation and certification validating the end of a prior relationship (if any) to be translated into the local language and authenticated

Why get married in a different location and on a different day than your wedding ceremony?

Once again, it goes back to the point that we made before with regard to if the legislation of the country where you are holding work for your individual situation and what you have in mind. In our case, as stunning and as breathtaking our beach wedding will be in Indonesia, the legal issues around it didn't really suit our needs. Some people frown upon getting married in advance of your "actual" wedding day, but we like to think it's simply being practical!

Ultimately, after performing the research it seems the most simple was for us to get legally married in Singapore and that's what we have decided. The legality of it was relatively easy, plus it would be easier for all of us from a logistical perspective also seeing as we already reside there. We'll be holding that well ahead of time of our actual beach wedding in Lombok, Indonesia so will be able to approach that free from the pressure of all of the legalities associated with an official marriage!

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