How to Forgive the Unforgiveable In 10 Heaven-Assisted Steps

Published: 17th August 2015
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If you are faced with a tricky job to carry out, it helps to break it up into more doable steps.

How do you forgive a really deep injury? Often we are able to forgive simply by speaking it. On the other hand, if the memory of a past wrong is bound to you like glue, lead your heart "on pilgrimage" with these easy, yet powerful steps.

Watch your life in Christ find fresh strength as the Mighty One does these steps with you!

1) Ask For Help

Because forgiveness is our God's technique, start by seeking His assistance. The "want to want to prayer" is a life preserver: "God, help me want to want what You require and hate what You hate."

This truthful prayer is effective because it invites God to work within our somewhat reluctant heart.

2) Don't Hide The Hurt.

First, don't reduce the wrong that was done or the hurt you got hit with. Sin causes injury! That is why it can not be overlooked--only forgiven.

Then, acknowledge that God has provided friends and done things to comfort you. Your injury matters to Him! Feeling that God truly loves us helps us give our injury to Him.

3) Ask The Lord To Forgive Them.

The Father reconciled Himself to everyone at the cross, not "counting" their sins against them. In that sense He has already forgiven them.

Nevertheless, He still requires our prayers in order to work with anyone who is turned from Him by sin. If we will not ask God to be merciful, how will we release it when it is our turn?

4) Ask The Lord To Make The Real Enemy Pay.

But does not justice demand someone has to pay? Certainly !

Jesus has already been punished utterly for human sin, but the hidden kingdom of darkness needs to get its due reward too! All too many Christians are angry at fellow humans; few are those who understand the way to get mad at the true instigators of evil.

Pray God to see to it that the evil one's kingdom gets a shellacking out of the way He will advance His kingdom's peace now that you are submitting to His will.

5) Ask God To Forgive You.

At this point you may be seeing that the sin of resentment in your own heart is a very dark thing --and must be removed. If the bitter feelings have burrowed deep, we definitely will need all the help we can receive in order to become set free from them.

Honest admission of our own sin of unforgiveness, permits God to give out fresh grace in our direction. Now we can be assured He is completely working with us!

6) Decide To Completely Forgive The Offender.

This is a declaration of your will, not a feeling. Don't ever hold your breath, waiting for the feelings to show up! In fact the worse your feelings are, the more extensive your interior freedom will become once you release your mercy.

See them with inward sight and proclaim mercy, "I forgive you and set you free from every one my bitter judgments." Genuine forgiveness is committing the people, the pain and the injustice to the Lord and trusting God with it all.

Keep turning loose everything about what occurred to God. He will be working in your heart all the while.

7) Decide to Forgive Yourself.

This should really be easy--after all, we know just how much we have previously undergone. But the truth is that we were the ones who were binding the hurt to ourselves! We could have been set free only moments after it happened!

8) Choose To Believe God's Fantastic Promise.

Let this be a powerful enticement to utterly forgive anyone: God guarantees that He will work all things for the greater good of those who submit to Him.

Since we are obeying His command to release bitter judgments, we are positioned to receive this promise in unbounded fulfillment. Let your hope open wide to the fantastic truth that a higher good will now resurrect out of the very thing that an enemy intended for evil.

9) Intercede For The Ones Who Hurt You.

Job's fortunes were recovered when he prayed for the companions that kicked him when he was down.

Pray powerfully for God to give grace to the person you have forgiven. This purifies the heart like a hot shower!

10) Thank God For Helping You To Find Freedom.

As soon as you can feel the inward freedom, thank God for being so merciful with you.

Acknowledge to Him that He unquestionably can mend your deepest wounds and restore the freshness of your life in Christ, whenever He can get you to cooperate with Him. Thank Him for staying the course with you!

Nobody said forgiving great wrongs is easy, only that it must be done.

How do you forgive? These ten steps are guaranteed to work, but only if you put your back to it as you walk your deepest feelings through them!

See to it that you stick with it until inner peace comes back!


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