How to Gain WoW 6.2 items Easily

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Published: 06th February 2017
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On May 21,blizzard released that they are making some changes to the Raid itemization with the goal of improving the Personal Loot experience, creating more interesting distinctions among wow items, and providing rewards that more closely reflect the challenge players face to earn them. There are mainly three aspects changes. Following we will give you the detailed content for you. And you can buy wow gear from our site.

Personal Loot
- Personal Loot will now calculate how many raid members receive drops on a group-wide, rather than individual, basis. Groups will receive a more predictable amount of drops, and set items will now reliably drop in Personal Loot.
- Personal Loot's overall rate of reward has been increased to off set the inability to redistribute it.
- The Personal Loot UI has been overhauled so that party and raid members will see your loot rewards.
- All of these improvements are coming to Hellfire Citadel, as well as all Draenor dungeons (including the new Mythic dungeons). By the way, don't forget the wow power leveling for sale here!

Secondary Stats
- A 'wider range' of secondary stat values will exist on Hellfire Citadel Loot, to help make items stronger for individual classes/specs and curb the 'just equip the highest Item Level item' mentality.

Item Level Revamp
- The Item Level of drops from bosses increases as players progress deeper into the zone (Hellfire Citadel).

But how can we gain these items easily? Here are the 6.2 patch wow items acquisition summary. Quickly come and see what item you need?

Aipixisi items
Original the price of 630 was 1000 gold, 655 was 10000 gold, 670
was 20000 gold.
The 5000 crystal of the venom series of 650, weapons and accessories 10000 crystalof the venom series of 650 can upgraded the poison to the 20000 crystal of 695 emblem.

Farrera Arena
For the new map Tana, there is a Khajiit area:ferreira.
To kill the monster will drop the item named black teeth and collecting these items can exchange the above three "challenge totem".
So what are these challenges totem used to do?
The totem will challenge [simple, common difficulties] three different BOSS. (It's not hard)
To kill these bosses will fall the series of equipment named poison xx and can offer a range of 650 to 670 equipments.
And it's the whole position on body.
These "poison XX" equipments also are available in the rare elite of Tana, but will isn't must fall!
In addition, it will drop [original spirit] and [Aipixis crustal].
These positions can also be upgraded to 695 by emblem

Hellfire citadel
The new temperament is definitely the most anticipated, and this time blizzard has made the whole copy 4 equipment levels.
1 to 4 BOSS dropped ordinary 690, hero 705, epic 720.
5 to 8 BOSS 695 715, epic 730.
13 BOSS ordinary 705, hero 720, epic 735.
However, it may cause to later farm just attack behind BOSS (Blizzard has emphasized that there can do task to skip certain bosses).
Random is 675.
4, 5M
there is no difference between 5M and H (it may be the measurement service didn't
Changed)it just the hurt blood volume higher.
Drop 680, the last boss might be 700.

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