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Published: 06th February 2017
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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Online Video Advertising, READ before you start your campaigns.

The value that sight, sound, and motion bring to an advertisement can't be argued. With digital
advertising on its way to outpace traditional, video should now be a big priority for marketers.
According to comScore, consumers watch 48 billion online videos in July. That's a real opportunity for marketers.

We compiled some video advertising stats from around the Web. Overall, the findings demonstrate
that consumers are receptive to video ads, but there are certain formats that are working best.

1. Forty-four percent of U.S. email marketers report increased conversion rates in advertising on videos.

2. Mobile devices account for 10 percent of global online video plays.

3. Twenty-five percent of viewing time of streaming video on tablets is spent with content more than 60 minutes long.

4. Thirteen percent of online video ads run less than 15 seconds; 36 percent of online video ads run longer than 30
seconds; 79 percent of in-stream online video ads are watched to their midpoints; 72 percent of in-stream online
video ads are watched to their completions.

5. Consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners.

6. In terms of what kind of ads are selling best in display, in the U.S. rich media and video ads are by far the
most popular formats for ad buyers. Static images, which were worth more than video two years ago, are now declinin
fast, at a rate of nearly 45 percent. But another low-tech format is doing much better: Text-based display ads are
actually growing at a faster pace than rich media ads (both more than 16 percent). Video spend will overtake that
of text ads by 2016.

7. Video ads can generate 82 percent brand lift among users exposed to the ads.

8. Forty-eight percent of U.S. mobile users prefer seeing mobile video ads that are related to the content of the
video clips being watched, and 53 percent are positive or neutral about mobile video advertising.

9. Social and mobile gaming video ads have a 91 percent conversion rate.

10. Sixty-five percent of online business-to-consumer marketers advertise on videos, compared to 61 percent for

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