How to get millions of subscribers and views on your videos - 100% legitimate way

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Published: 06th February 2017
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creating youtube channel is easy. Uploading content is easy enough too, but what things
start getting a little difficult when it comes to growing your YouTube Subscriber base.

There are many methods out there that will promise you instant free youtube subscribers
such as the subscribe train. There are also other methods like buying youtube subscribers
or the old version way of creating and posting content to attract new subscribers.

Even though some of these methods work in the short term, none of them will work as a
long-term strategy. If you are looking for a long term investment, then I am going to
take you through the best way of growing your YouTube subscribers easy, fast and cheap too.

How to get millions of subscribers and views on your videos - 100% legitimate way.

This article will guide you on how to build a one million subscriber base in just a few
weeks without spending much money buying artificial followers.

1. The first step is to identify your niche-Before you start the process of building your
Youtube subscribers, you must know you audience. If you upload funny clips, music videos,
Parodies and so on you are in the entertainment niche. If you upload do it yourself videos
showing people how to repair their garage doors, then you are in the educational niche.
Knowing your niche is the fundamental step in growing your YouTube subscriber base.

2. Once you know your niche and audience, the next thing is to do extensive research
on channels that have the biggest following in your niche. Look for
influencers. People with more than a million subscribers will do. Make sure that these people
create contents similar to your niche.

2. Through the contact form on the approach the channel owner with
a request to advertise your channel on one of his videos. Since he has more than one million
subscribers, your channel will get exposure to a million people. Because you upload the same
type of content with this channel, these subscribers will subscribe to your channel too.

4. Wait and watch your subscriber base grow. After you contact the three steps described
above, it is time now to watch your subscriber base grow. Make sure you fuel this by
creating fresh video content regularly.

Now that you have managed to increase your subscriber base, you should ensure that you
keep them engaged with regular and interesting video content now and then. Maintaining
your subscriber base is harder than building one.

Ensure that you keep yourself on top of the game. Do your research and upload new
original content. Stretch your imagination. Remember that for human beings, clicking the
unsubscribe button is easier than clicking the subscribe button.

Make sure the best and most rewarding way to grow your followers and subscribers is through
advertising your channel on similar contents videos that already has a big number of views,
whose owner is ready to advertise for you and the only place to find such video makers is

Last note, some video makers will ask as high as $100,000 and some other will ask as law
as $100 to advertise for you on their videos, and that is due to their number of subscribers
and number of views their videos generate.

Also you can reduce your ads cost by asking discount in fee they are charging in return for
an ad you will put for them in your videos. has an endless benefit , here is another one, when a famous video maker
Mr. X talk about you and your channel in one of his videos, and his viewers see you talking
about the famous Mr. X, they will think you both are friends, and a friend of a friend is a friend.
So these viewers will consider you a famous personality just like Mr. X, even though they just seen
your video for the very first time.

In short money brings money and ticks bring bugs, so stick your butt with the money makers.

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