How To Install A Secure Bilco Basement Door

Published: 04th June 2017
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Thinking about undertaking a basement remodeling project to add more living space to your home? Be sure to research the local building codes in your area prior to beginning your project.

Most local areas enforce specific codes when installing a basement egress window. These new codes were created to ensure that home occupants have a safe second exit, in case of an emergency. Most older homes have extremely tiny egress windows that are too small for occupants to exit safely. These windows were built prior to the creation of the new codes. A bright spot to the new requirements is that residents who have no intention of remodeling their basement need not concern themselves with the new requirements. But, those who make significant changes to the lowest level on their older home have a responsibility to adhere to the new codes.

There are several ways to handle the requirements and any reputable contractor can offer advice. The two most common solutions involve adding larger Rockwell window wells that increase the width of the egress window or opening the basement to include an outside basement door with steps that allow entry to the lowest level from outside the home.

Increasing the size of your current egress window openings is the most cost-effective option, however if you would like a different option that can conveniently accommodate larger items, an outside basement door could be a better option for your needs. Be certain to check out a Bilco basement door for quality, maintenance-free cellar doors that come in a multitude of styles to complement your house.

Lastly, when you're considering installing wider basement wells to your home, think about adding a basement window well cover to cover the standard steel grate that comes with them. Adding these clear covers is a great choice to keep leaves, excess water and other debris out of your window wells and promotes easier home maintenance. For additional information on home improvement services check out

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