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Published: 06th February 2017
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Ad Click Xpress (ACX) is an online advertising company that offers services and products to Business Advertisers. Our unique advertising products provide inexpensive yet effective, solutions to the advertising needs of small businesses, as well as individuals.

- Pays w/in 24-48 hours
- No sponsoring required
- 85% Money Back Guarantee
- 150% ROI
- Fixed 2% income on weekdays/ 1% on weekends
- Currently 6% daily on weekdays 3% on weekends (Promo)
- Daily live chat
- Responsive customer support
- With an effective advertising system
- $2 rewards when you post your payouts on social media, blogs, forums
- Free $10 or 1 ad pack for you to test the system.. it will earn 15$ after maturity. $10 will be taken back and the $5 profit will remain in your account and can be withdrawn once you have purchased more ad packs.

What do you want from ACX?

Are you looking for a monthly income? Or would you be
happy with a little extra income to spend? ACX can
provide you with whatever you want or need regarding
personal income. It really is up to you to decide, because
it is based on how much you can spend.

So, how much do you want a month?

With the Variable DSC Packs currently paying 6% a day,
it's easy to figure out how to earn a "specific" Daily or
Monthly Income. Say you want to earn $1,000 a month.
That is easy to do.

Here simple formula to determine how much you would
need to spend on Ad Packs to withdraw $1000 a month:

$1000 / 30 days = $34 a day is needed to earn $1,000 a month

$34 / 6% = $567 is the amount you need to spend on 6%
DSC Packs

NOW double $567 to approximately $1,200 to purchase 120
Ad Packs

$1200 x 6% = $72 a day is earned (except for Sat / Sun when
$34 a day is earned)

IF YOU withdraw $72 each day, and THEN KEEP $34 and
then PURCHASE MORE 6% DSC Packs with the REMAINING
$34, you can continue to make $1000 a month... at least until
the next XpressShift occurs, which is estimated to be several
months away...

NOTE: Of course things will change a little when the DSC
Variable Rate goes to 7% or 8%, etc. You'll just make More
Each Day in less time. The key is to Keep 50% of the DSC
and Purchase NEW Ad Packs with the other 50%! BUT you
must withdraw it all to be able to Purchase New Ad Packs that
pay 6% (or whatever the rate is that day).

Eventually when the Variable Rate returns to 2%, you will just
need to recalculate and maybe add a little more to purchase
more Ad Packs until you reach a Daily Amount that will meet
your needs. Then each time the Variable Rate goes up, it
becomes THAT MUCH easier to meet your Daily Income needs.

Play around with this formula and come up with the perfect Daily
Income Amount for your circumstances. Then purchase as
many Ad Packs as necessary. It's that easy and you get to
decide what will work best for you.

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