How To Optimize Your New Website for Search Engine

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Published: 04th June 2017
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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content is everything. Even though there are websites that rank higher because they invest in link building campaigns, visitor loyalty always depends on the ability to create content that is of high-quality and well optimized. Quality will not only help you get client loyalty but also to retain traffic into your site. When you have a new website, here are a few tips that will help you get noticed in search engines:

Know what search engines want: They look for the most relevant content and rank them at the top so that users can access them with ease. So it is imperative to ensure that that the content that goes into your website is of high-quality. Here's how search engines determine a page's relevance:

• Content- Has something to do with the theme of what you are talking about, texts, titles and various descriptions.
• Performance- your website should be working properly.
• Authority- The content on your site should be good enough for it to link to other authoritative pages.
• Ease of use- Users should find your page easy to navigate and understand.

Links from Trusted Pages: Your website is probably new, but you are not a stranger to the web. Hence, you can try and get links. If you are running a business, talk to your suppliers, buyers, Solicitors, or any of your close associates who have websites and ask them to link your site. Do not, however, give them an offer of linking back to their sites in exchange. That will work against you. To get other pages to link to yours, write about them and let them know what you said, they will link even without you asking. However, you must ensure that there is an editorial permission that authorizes the links.

Know what you are dealing with: Always try to focus on your main goals when working on your content. You need to ask yourself what your assets and liabilities are as well as you want people to click on that are your strongest points. Do not go around posting all kinds of topics that you think will generate traffic.

Be Consistent: Domain names are the foundation to your website. It is advisable to use sub-directory root domains such as as opposed to Another SEO optimization best practice is to ensure that you design your website in such a way that when one types without 'www', they get the same results as they would if they typed This shows consistency and increases the number of links to your site.

Optimize for various channels and results: Implement the keyword strategy both on and off-site. There are several multiple channels that you can link to which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, and many more. Even in these platforms, be as consistent as possible as it will help in your branding efforts. When optimizing, focus on all media like mobile, tablet and all.

In summary, you should always keep SEO at the back of your mind when working on your new site and follow its best practices so as not to mess your website's foundation. Here's is a recap of the above tips:

• Know what SEO entails and what it is not.
• Be consistent with your domain names.
• Optimize for various channels and results.
• Know your business model.
• Get trusted pages link your site.

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