How To Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Everybody dreams of having the most perfect wedding as they possibly can. From the perfect dress to the most beautiful wedding photographs, everything has to be perfect. So with beach weddings recently becoming the new trend, why not have your wedding photos set in the most stunning beach location?

Beach weddings offer you jaw dropping sunsets, mesmerising ocean waves, and brilliant natural light resulting in perfect photographs. These are just a few reasons as to why beach weddings are becoming everyones favourite due to beautiful scenery.

When planning a beach wedding, you need to check the timing for the sunset at your beach wedding venue. If you are after an evening wedding, always remember to check your wedding venue is facing the correct way in order to have the sun setting over the sea. If so, you want to try and set the time of the ceremony around the time of the sunset - probably about 30 minutes beforehand. Sunsets create colourful skies in which you can only imagine, giving you the opportunity to produce plenty of candid shots and poses with the beach in its full glory.

However if youíre after a morning wedding, you can confirm the time of the sunrise at your location as sunrise also offers you amazing backdrops for your photographs. This is due to the clear sky that the sunrise brings, along with glorified sun and contrasting ocean waves. Cambridge wedding photography can help you capture these once in a lifetime shots.

After capturing all of your photos in front of the sunset or sunrise, you should then focus on the sunlight being behind the camera. This will create beautiful lighting which is ideal for the emphasis of beauty in the photographs. For unique wedding photography, a flash-installed camera will give you the best results, especially if shooting in the evening.

Traditionally most weddings are set around early afternoon, so if youíre after a mid day wedding to create the full effect of being abroad in the glorious weather, you can opt for you ceremony in the day and then your wedding reception at sunset. This way you will get the best of both worlds and help you get unique wedding photography with various sunny backdrops.

Donít get yourself confused when making the choice of a sunrise or sunset wedding, as Cambridge wedding photography can help ensure you get the best of both worlds.

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