How to prevent acne?

Published: 21st August 2007
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What is acne?
Acne consists of those terrible, red, swollen, pus-filled pimples which are the every woman's worst nightmare. The most common form of acne is known as acne vulgaris, usually found on women with oily skin. Acne occurs most often during puberty, because hormonal changes cause a greater secretion of sebum or oil. The oil blocks the pores, causing acne. Almost every woman will experience a few acne pimples at some point in her life.

There are various other factors that could cause acne.

* Pores clogged by dirt or pollution.
* An undue amount of stress.
* Hormonal changes caused by menstruation.
* Too many soft drinks and too much fried food or chocolates.
* Do your parents have a pimple problem? Genes could be a factor.
* Some forms of medication.
* Dandruff or a greasy scalp. Certain types of products you use in your hair could also irritate your skin, causing acne.

While acne is commonly seen at adolescence, many women get it during pregnancy as well, again due to hormonal changes. However, a few months after delivery the acne subsides as the hormone levels normalize. Surprising as it may sound, many women get acne for the first time in their mid-thirties or forties! This type of acne is called acne rosacea.

Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment
The next time you pick up a face wash or pimple cure cream read the list of ingredients to find out if it contains benzoyl peroxide, very effective for fighting acne. Acne is bacteria, growing in a clogged pore, and benzoyl peroxide fights bacteria. Just make sure you smear enough of it, and use it often. Your skin will start clearing up.

Fight acne on your back by making sure you scrub your back with a loofah or rough cloth while showering, after applying soap. Giving your bath a one minute scrub everyday will work wonders. If you exercise, take a shower after your workout. Don't wait too long, or the sweat will dry up and clog pores, only aggravating the acne. Apply benzoyl peroxide on your back as well.

Benzoyl peroxide is drying, so if your face or back feels very dry, realize that this is normal. Once your face is clean, you can reduce the amount of cream you apply, and your skin will gradually return to normal.

Other Treatment Options
Antibiotics: Acne can usually be treated by antibiotics. Some antibiotics for acne are very strong, and have severe side effects. The hair may start falling, or the woman may even experience difficulty during childbirth. Never, ever take any acne medication that has been prescribed for another person.

The pill: Some birth control pills can also help treat acne. This is because the hormones in the pill can stabilize the hormones that are causing the oily sebum, which causes acne.

Lazer: Lazer treatments are also effective in treating acne, but this is an expensive option. However, acne medication could also make a rather large hole in your pocket as well!

Irritation: Avoid any form of irritation to your skin. Don't pick at it or touch it too much, avoid scrubbing it with a harsh cloth, keep hair away from your face and never use substandard makeup.

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