How to: Produce flawless customer service

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Published: 19th November 2016
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No company can boast perfect customer service, but if the correct attitude and skills are applied it is possible to weave a department of advisors who are dedicated to offering the best service possible and work as a team in order to achieve this. There are some very basic rules that should be applied to any company looking to offer care for their customers and while these will be covered in the following set of instructions, this article looks primarily at how best to make your team function flawlessly.

Step one: the top-dog must check their attitude towards customer service. It is imperative that if the company they are running is a customer-centric business they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy. This is for the simple reason that there is nothing more difficult than trying to teach something one doesn't believe. It also creates a tone of hypocrisy throughout the company: the leader of the pack is demanding an attitude that they do not demonstrate - so why should their employees?

Step two: enlist some brilliant managers who will assist with endorsing step one. There are tiers to any company and when it comes to customer service and making the team run smoothly, having leaders who endorse the same attitude will help to establish a consistent attitude throughout the company. Leadership is key simply because of the natural flow that exists through the hierarchy of companies.

Step three: create a positive atmosphere in the office space that is used by the customer services team. This does not mean cringe-worthy inspirational and humorous messages hanging all over the walls, this means encouraging the team to socialise externally as well as create a team bond through the most simple of daily tasks such as making tea and coffee. Occasionally rewarding staff with a physical gift such as chocolates for the team to share is not a no-go as it were, it is just best used as an occasional bonus as opposed to a regular fixture.

Step four: make sure the staff are rewarded. This does not have to mean that there is a commission system in place, and this of course would be inappropriate if the department is working solely to provide assistance as opposed to sales, or even physical rewards but positive reinforcement. Making sure advisors are aware of their success - and indeed areas for improvement - is important in order to improve the service all the time. This is most easily conducted through regular appraisals which should be carried out by the managers.

Step five: set in place strict guidelines for what the company is willing to forfeit in order to acquire the customers' business, and the managers should always back their staff. The boundaries must be set for how far the company is willing to go and the advisor should always only reach the absolute maximum in the most pressing of circumstances. It is one thing to say the customer is always right but sometimes the staff member needs support and when the customer continues to push their luck, managers need to step in back the employee. If nothing else, not doing this shows a rift in the company and the customer will pick up on this and try to exploit it.

These five steps should help to create a seamless customer service department because they set in place a hierarchy, the members of which are a team and are aiming for one goal. An enjoyable work environment is as important as boundaries and the drive to expand the business as it helps to establish a team. In the simplest of terms, a strong team can operate flawlessly because all members are willing to help each other. A sense of competition can drive sales up, but good customer service will retain customers and allow for longevity in your business.

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