How to Recover Mac Lost Files

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Published: 26th June 2015
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Everyday, you delete several files from your Mac system. In Mac, for every user account, there is a particular 'Trash' folder inside the home folder. You can delete a file either by dragging the file icon into the Trash on the Dock or by selecting file and pressing 'Command + Delete'.

Once, you delete a file, it goes to the Trash folder. At any time, if you need a deleted file, you can recover the file by dragging the file out of Trash. However, sometimes, while deleting, if the size of the file is very big to be contained inside Trash folder or you have hit the set commands, like 'Command+Shift+Option+Delete', then the file gets completely deleted without going into the Trash. Apart from this, at times, you just clean your Trash completely by choosing the 'Empty Trash' option from the Finder menu.

In such cases, after emptying the Trash, Mac does not have any option to restore the deleted files. However, you can use powerful Mac file recovery software - uFlysoft Mac File Recovery Software to recover all your deleted files even after emptying the Trash folder. But before Mac file recovery operation, I want to offer some main reasons which cause file loss situation on your Mac so that you could understand the situation and protect your file to avoid file loss happen again.

Main Reasons of Mac File Loss

There are tons of reason can cause the Mac file loss, here we pick out the common reasons to show you, let's check it out.

1. Accidental deleting: “‘Command + Del’ without backup” “Emptying Recycle Bin without backup”;

2. Formatting: “Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?”, “Disk initialization when digital camera memory card is just connected” etc;

3. Improper operation: “Turning off the storage media during the writing process”, “Pulling out SD card while the camera is on”, “Improper partition or partition error”, etc;

4. Other reasons: “Unexpected power off”, “Re-install windows system or hard disk crash”, “The partition structure on a hard disk was fragmented or partition table is invalid”.

All these 4 points are the common reason we can see in our daily lives, you may pay attention to them. OK, let's get to the next step, the important step-recover Mac files.

Recover Mac Lost Files Easily

There are two choices for you to recover Mac lost files: Take your Mac to the professional repair store or do it yourself. In my opinion, take it to the repair store may cause the leakage of privacy problem. As we mention above, uFlysoft Mac File Recovery Software can help you to recover file from Mac in a simple way. The easy to use "3-step" operation are listed as follow.

1. Download the software from our official website>> on your computer first;

2. After downloading, install it on your Mac and run it, you can see the volumes are listed on the interface, choose one which your lost files were stored before and start scanning by clicking the button "Scan";

3. Finish scanning? OK, then choose the files which you want to recover and click button "Recovery" and choose the path to save them.

Done! Only 3 steps to recover Mac files easily, is it worth for you to have a try when you meet digital media files loss problem?

Kindly Tips

1. After recovery is finished, don't save the recovered files into the same path which your lost files were stored before or you may lose them again because of the overwritten situation.

2. Build a backup for you files is the most workable way to avoid file loss.

3. New sites online for more data recovery software and more discount. Detail please click here>>

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