How to Remain Fit and Healthy

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Published: 20th November 2016
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I met 52 years old MBBS, MD doctor working in administration with a construction company. Earlier he was working with a top hospital in the city in their administration department. I asked him, "Why did you leave your basic profession. Why did you leave the hospital where you were getting very handsome salary?" He told me, "What I have seen in 34 years of my career, if I start telling you the stories you would never advise your sons to become doctors. I have just seen, "The
doctors are only the butchers."

He told me that doctors have to do a lot of unethical practices on the advice of the Chairman of the hospital. So many Ministers, Commissioners ask to issue wrong certificates of the post mortem reports. So many operations are done for the sake of revenue. So many unwanted deaths are done in the hospitals. You can not blame any body because he is a doctor.

Suppose you don't have high blood pressure, you go to the hospital, get it checked and you would be declared as High Blood Pressure patient. Soon you would be on medication. Your other problems would start. In a few months you will be having 85% blockages in your arteries and you would be operated for by pass surgery. Or may be you reach at God's place in heaven and say to him, "Sorry God, I have not used my brain."

Today maximum people face problem of high blood pressure. If not heredity High BP depends upon the basic nature of a person. If any body thinks too much, remains always stressful, he starts having High BP.

If you go to a doctor and completely depend upon him then you think that your doom is very close. You always need to study each step, each medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Suppose it is a summer afternoon and your watch is showing the needles at 2 pm and you go to a doctor. As soon as you reach at his clinic he picks up his electronic machine and measures your blood pressure. It would definitely show higher blood pressure. Whenever you measure your blood pressure, you take rest for at least 15 minutes and then get your BP measured and that too with the basic machine not the electronic one.

Try to avoid medicines if it can be cured with home remedies. For this you need to take advice of your doctor :

Go for a walk, both times in the morning and evening at least one hour in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening after dinner. Do jogging in the morning if your body allows,

You need to remain happy during the day whatever the way suits you.

If you drink, do not take cheap liquors. It should not be more than 60 ml or 90 ml, that too once in fortnight.

If possible take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes during the day after lunch. Or just leave the work for 15 minutes if you are stressful.

Inhale and exhale very slowly with deep breaths.

Reduce milk fats and salt in your diet.

If overweight, reduce your weight.

Get Lipid Profile Test once in four months.

Now suppose you take medicines. Most of the doctors prescribe alpha blocker or beta blocker medicines, one increases Triglycerides and the other creates sexual problems. Again you need to take medicines to reduce Triglycerides (Tg). But your Tg should always be under
control. You need to visit your doctor every week or fortnight. Earlier you were a normal person then you became a patient after that you have become the favorite client of your doctor. If you cannot live without medicine you can ask your doctor to prescribe a suitable medicine whatever your doctor suggests. Doctors love people who
go to them for checking their blood pressures specially those who are worried about it. This is just to educate you about the facts. For medical advice, consult your doctor.

I tell you a joke :

Once there was a lady. She went to a doctor. The doctor gave her a medicine and asked for his fee of 50/-

The Lady said, "Doctor, no medicine less than 500/- effects me.

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