How to Select an Avaya Business Partner in Chicago

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Published: 05th December 2016
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If your Chicago-based company is planning to implement an Avaya telephone system but hasn't searched for an Avaya business partner in Chicago, doing so should be its next move. However, choosing the right provider can be easier said than done. If this is your company's first time searching for an Avaya business partner in Chicago, take some time to review the suggestions below; they will help you find a service provider that is the best fit for your needs.

Define Your Areas of Need

Before you search for a service provider, define what your company needs from a new telephone system. Important factors to consider include: geographical coverage, number of system users, upfront costs and long-term costs, and solution area (unified voice, contact center, networking, etc.). If necessary, an IT consultant that specializes in telephone solutions can help you define areas of need.

Use the Locator Website

After you define your company's areas of need, use the manufacturer's partner locator website ( to locate certified service providers in your geographical area. The website also allows you to search for providers based on the size of your organization and its areas of need. The website can greatly expedite the search process.

Evaluate Prospective Providers

After you create a list of providers that are located in your area and specialize in your areas of need, it's time to start examining their history of service. Particularly helpful is to investigate a provider's record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and speak with at least six of its recent customers that had the same areas of need as your company.

If a provider has no unresolved customer complaints on its BBB record and receives positive reviews from customers, you can feel confident about entering a contract with the company.

Evaluate the Contract

Before you sign a service contract, be sure to read the fine print in the agreement. Be sure that the contract gives you the option to upgrade or change your service options while the contract is active. Also, ensure that the contract doesn't contain terms that unfairly benefit the provider, such as an early exit clause that allows the provider to exit the contract without providing advanced notice, and periodic fee escalation clauses that do more than offset inflation.


If your company needs assistance selecting an Avaya business partner in Chicago, there are four helpful steps it can take to find the right provider: define its areas of need, use the manufacturer's locator website, evaluate the business history of prospective service providers, and evaluate the service contract. If you need assistance with these steps, contact an experienced IT consultant that specializes in business telephone solutions.

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