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Published: 17th August 2015
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Here at Shift Investments, my partner and I get asked a lot on the subject of how you can a sell a house fast. And we love hearing that concern. It's our niche. It's the way we help people out. There are actually particular circumstances in our life at which people have to sell their house, and they want to do it yesterday. This is where we jump in. Selling your home quickly isn't too unique from selling it slowly, but everyone needs to be on the same page so there aren't any problems, slowdowns or "gotchas". Here is how to sell a house fast in a few easy steps:

Figure out how much that you owe on your residence. Gather up all of your bank loan records, property tax assessments, etc. so you understand how much you still must pay back on your current residence.

Figure out how much you are looking for for the house. Don't merely check out Zillow, type in your home address to get your price from their value. Actually, consider an unbiased look for the buildings where you live, discover how much money they're selling for and if your house is more desirable or not as nice in comparison with theirs. Making use of all of this information can help you discover a practical asking price.

Call, e-mail or find cash purchasers in your town. Individuals who can close very fast (and usually with cash) market their solutions in a range of places. For me personally, I'd advise starting here, but I am unquestionably biased.

Set up a time for a walk-through of your property. Be around to answer concerns about the roof, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, neighbors and various other specifics about your house. For those who have any previous receipts or work orders, you should show those so that you can verify the actual dates the service had been executed.

Negotiate. You're either certain to really enjoy or dislike the offers you will be given. If you love one, that's Excellent, move forward to step six. If you don't love the offer, bargain with the prospective purchaser or start working with a different person. It's extremely crucial that you be wise during the process and never getting caught up in emotions. In order to sell your house fast, you may have to do this for less money than you initially thought. Please don't waste several weeks or several weeks soliciting extra offers because you want $5,000 extra for your property. Do not forget, time is money.

Prepare to close. Whomever you are dealing with will set up the actual closing using a local title company. At this time your task is to try to make sure that everything transpires properly. This predominantly means to provide any kind of paperwork or reply to any queries as thoroughly and quickly as you can.

Get money for the home. Go to the title company on the time of closing, sign the documents and walk away with your check coming from the equity within your house.

After reading these clear steps, you should realize that selling your residence fast is not very different from selling your residence via conventional means; nonetheless, you do get to spare a large amount of dollars on settlement costs, commissions and other connected service fees! Plus, instead of meeting with real estate agents, having several open houses and waiting around for many months for the proceeds check, this could all occur in just one week. If you have been asking yourself or others, "How to Sell a House Fast", call us or complete our form to get started. Keep in mind, there is no cost or requirement for calling or emailing - we will be here to help you out.

Extra Resources:

The following are some fantastic resources to help you out sell your property fast:

Zillow - Can provide you with a broad idea of your property's price. Warning: Zillow values may be 15-20% off in either direction.
Redfin - Can show you the most recently sold houses and homes for sell in your area.
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