how to sell your car faster with the actual market value.

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Why we should sell our car online using free classifieds:
When selling our car through a broker we get less money from the market value. So we should sell it yourself using these free classifieds. We can find several ways selling our cars without the help of the dealer. One of these best options is selling it online.

1st the very first thing we should do is we have to calculate the value of the car. And this can be easily done by visiting any of the free classifieds and check for the same model of our car and find a suitable market value. The buyer always negotiates so keep that in mind and plan a price so that you get the price you want.

2nd is to advertise your car using these free classified website. You can find plenty of websites like xookr. These sites are very simple and will allow you to upload images of your car. You can take several pictures of your car and upload in these sites. If you can afford, you can relist your ad every day until your car gets sold out. This makes every buyer to be able to see the car you have advertised and it will increase the chance of selling it faster.

3rd at the same time contact an dealer near by and they will sell it for a small percentage of share.

4th after placing ad in the above said free classifieds than share these post in social networks so that it makes the visibility of your ad and increase the chance of selling with more offers to choose from.

5th ask you friends and family as word of mouth is always very effective form of advertising. If they know anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle ask them to give your number and also a few details about your car.

6th is to place a sticker on your car so that every body can see it clearly and with the text that the car is for sale.

These are some of the ways that we can sell our car faster with the market value. So sell your car by yourself so that you can get the actual price.

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