How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Making Scale Architectural Models ?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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It's the era of automation combined with perfection and when it comes to Architecture Visualization & Planning, design communication plays an important role. Industries such as Architecture, Construction employ custom scale model makers to promote their designs and visualize it in exhibitions & trade fares. In earlier days people used to make scaled down model using components like Bristol boards with architecture scale & utility knives and glues to stick. The floor plan & blueprints scales are drawn using hand cut the Bristol board along the lines and stick each house level using glue. Now a days there are many 3D modeling softwares available in the market which makes modeling work faster but easier too. The modeling software is used to design the models and cut using laser cut technology. In this method there are some tools which may cause danger if the user doesn't follow the process correctly. This method of making miniature model involves lots of problems such as time consumed by projects, perfection or finish of the model. Generally handmade model takes more human efforts and need more manual interventions. Each segment in custom model is made partially by machines & hand and any manual error will lead to loss in time & money.

With the advancements in 3d printing technology the perfect marketing / visualization model can be done in short duration without compromising the quality & quantity. This modern method of making detailed Architectural Models are mostly preferred by architects since it helps engineers to visualize the complete project design in better manner and significantly reduce the cost & time in creating custom scale models. The most important character of 3d printed model is the rigidness & sturdiness and doesn't break over time. The speed of the modern model making process is much faster when compared with the traditional method of model making. Basically the architectural scale models allow the potential buyers to imagine them being in the environment. The perfection depends on the landscape engineers who understand the unique requirements for displaying custom models. Many countries started adopting this technology to build custom models and in India iKix is the well recognized model makers by architects to develop project management tool.

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