How To Stop Letting Rappers Pimp You As An Online Music Producer

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Selling beats online sounds like a dream come true. You get to truly do what you love to do sitting in your pajamas, not having to work a 9 to 5 job and getting paid for it!
But here's the sucky part: Most rappers only want free beats, in return of possibly becoming a customer? Huh? I thought this was the music business?

Don't get me wrong, everyone loves free stuff but if I can't go to Guitar Center and get free music production equipment, then you definitely not getting free beats from me. I believe as a business person if someone likes your product, they should buy it. I shouldn't have to sacrifice my hard work, give it to you for free and then, hope and pray you buy something in the future. It just doesn't make sense to me. I believe in building relationships with your customers, not freebie seekers.

We as producers tag our beats as an anti theft tool, which used to work a few years back but now it doesn't. They will just rap over your tags and also release their lame music on free mix tape websites without your permission, hoping some A&R guy will discover them, LMFAO! They will also use browser tools to steal your beats. Rappers have no shame these days in stealing the hard working producers music. As long as they don't have to pay for it.

In my opinion, If a rapper doesn't trust your promotional content: articles, audio or video then they clearly have trust issues buying anything online which means they will not buy anything from you or any other producer. Below are the ways to stop letting rappers treat you like an online slut.

1. No more free beats! I would say this 1 million in a row at the top of my lungs if i have to. Free beats devalue your work. This is the main reason producers do not fully reach their financial potential and wonder why rappers always play around when it comes to business. Do you see artists give away free paintings to potential customers? No. Your a business person, so sell your products, don't give them away hoping they trust and like you. They know the way of life, they are just too cheap or too arrogant to buy from you. Always be about your business.

2. Tag your beats with your website and not your signature beat tag. Tagging your beats with your signature beat name doesn't work to protect your beats anymore. Use your website dot com and make sure they can't rap over the beat, they can only just listen to your work. These days engineers can cut your signature tags out upon request of the rapper and it would be like you never produced the beat. And did I mention they won't give you credit, will never buy beats from you in the future and will definitely keep stealing your beats. So make sure they can't rap over the beat or can't loop your tag out of the beat. Try not to make it so annoying.

Never sell your beats on free download websites. If a website for music producers is giving away free beats then you definitely should not be on there. Because even if your beats are not for free they will find many ways to steal from you. The fact that your not giving it out for free makes them angry and stealing your beats to make you pissed off will be a pleasure.

Only sell your beats on straight up business beat websites where there are no free download options.
You can also create your own website but it's a hard working investment and for someone who will be new in the music production business will suffer. So start off on popular networks where traffic is already there.

Don't spam on Twitter. Be about your business. Let the rappers come to you if they want to Buy Beats Online, you don't come to them. Promote your business online with paid ads on popular websites. It truly takes money to make money.

Finally, don't stress out if your not making much money selling beats. If your 100% serious about making this a career, then always stay focused and work harder on finding ways to drive customers to your place of business. Success is not an overnight thing. Stay dedicated and always make the hottest beats ever!

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