How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Have a Child?!

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Your relationships ended, but you have a child. You met your new love, but how to tell him about your child? How he will react on this information? What would you choose: your new love or your child?!

Unfortunately, happy end is not about all relationships and marriages. As far as you know, very often people mix affection with true love. And it is the fact. And what is more interesting, they date, then begin to live together, and then get married. But, according to the modern data, some newlyweds understand that they are too different only after marriage. And even after the birth of their child.

Of course, at the beginning of any relationships all of us are affected with new feelings. But, it is very important to point out that our feelings and emotions play not the last role in our relationships. Otherwise, we will not be with the person, who we don't like at all. On the other hand, marriage is the great step in our life. And everything should be on the highest level. That is why, you should be sure that he is the one, you love him, and completely corresponded to all your requirements. Otherwise, you will not be happy, and it can lead to the end of your relationships with this person.

But, how to tell your new boyfriend that you have a child?!

But still, if you ended relationships with your ex-boyfriend, you wouldn't sit at one place. Even if you have the result of those relationships, your child or children, they are not to blame, and they will need a man's attention and upbringing. By the way, you will also think about new relationships, because you are still young and beautiful, and you also want man's attention, and love as well. Moreover, this time you will be more attentive while looking for a new boyfriend.

And when you met him, and you checked him, and you are satisfied with the results, it's time to say that you have a child, if you haven't told him yet this information. So, how to do this? It is the main question, because you don't know of how he will react on this information. In most cases, when we fall in love with somebody, we are afraid to lose this person. But still, if you want to develop your relationships on higher levels, you should make this step, he must know about the child. Otherwise, your new boyfriend will think that you was lying him all the time. As you can see, such relationships will not have a happy end.

Speaking of the ways, how to say this information, it is rather an individual and personal question. All people are different. Some women can say that they are mothers while making an acquaintance with their future boyfriend, and others can say it after some period, when they are sure in their boyfriend. In any case, you should do it. Actually, you have nothing to lose.

What would you choose: your new boyfriend or your child??


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