How to Win Your Ex Back

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Everyone goes through a breakup at some point and time. Not only is the "lovin feelin" lost, heck it went right out the door. CLICK TO CAPTURE HIS HEART! But, now, you miss the chemistry you had with your partner, you miss being intimate with that person, laughing, and even fighting. You want it back, but not the bad times. First, let me state this. You can't force someone to come back to you or to love you like they once did. Treat the break up like a break up. Stop calling and stop waiting for that call. This can be emotionally excruciating but necessary. Calling too soon may make that individual feel as though you are still clinging to the past while they are looking forward to something new. Don't start acting like a stalker. Lay off. Dating: How to win your ex back, Click Here.

Use the time away from this person to heal yourself and be good to yourself. Don't opt out of the social scene. Connect with friends that were probably put on the back burner while you were in a relationship and have fun. You've learned a few lessons from your ex so use them to your advantage when you meet someone new.

Get a makeover. Spend time loving you and looking your best. Indulge in positive things and you will radiant from within. Dating: How to win your ex back, Click Here.

Contact your ex after a few weeks, just to catch up and say hello. No pressure. Just a friendly call. This may put your ex at ease and he or she may contact you at a later date. Once a new friendship has been forged, perhaps you two could meet for some social time and talk. The goal here is for the two of you to remember what it was like when you first met or when you first started dating. There was no pressure, no anger, and no resentment. If the chemistry is still there, chances are you have already won your ex back. You know how you felt when the relationship was over, and given the opportunity, you want the second time around to be better. You're starting over.

Getting back together may or may not be possible depending on the reasons for the split in the first place. It is possible to change his or her mind. Especially if this person seemed like your soul mate and is worth fighting for. Dating: How to win your ex back.

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