How you can Stop Dogs from Being Rough with Kids

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Although dogs are playful of course, sometimes their playing could bring harmful consequences, especially where children are involved. Thus, if you notice a dog is likely to bite or put your kids hands rolling around in its mouth while playing, you ought to move around in quickly and nip the problem in the bud. However, finding out how to stop dogs from being rough with children calls for discretion so you do not send the wrong message and ruin its life.

Thus, understanding why a puppy may demonstrate roughness while having fun with children will help you take care of the issue, with corrective rather than punitive intentions. Unless a puppy is sick or feels threatened, it never will try to hurt your son or daughter while playing. Actually, your pet dog may pick children as perfect playmates because they are similar in proportions along with other dogs. Whenever a dog ultimately ends up injuring a youngster, it never appreciates any wrong doing on its part therefore, hitting it will be unfair.

An ideal way to handle a dogs rough play with children revolves around discouraging unacceptable behavior and offering other alternatives.

How you can Encourage Acceptable Behavior

Since dogs want to put things inside the mouth or bite gently while playing, offering them options to human hands could be a good way to redirect their excitement. As an illustration, you could offer your pet dog a chew bone or rawhide while petting it. Your kids could also help in this connection by providing the right chew toy while scratching behind a dogs ears.

To make certain you are sending the correct message, encourage acceptable behavior each and every time your pet dog is likely to play rough with kids. Gradually your dog will understand message that a children hands are certainly not objects to learn with, bite or put in the mouth. Also, stay consistent in encouraging acceptable behavior to avoid confusing the dog.

Discouraging Unacceptable Behavior

To discourage your pet dog from rough play, it can help to demonstrate undesired consequences. Let your dog learn that each time it mouths, nips or mounts, there will be bitter consequences for this.

For example, you will be able to discourage rough play by ignoring your puppy whenever it nips your hand. You could say a firm NO at your puppy to demonstrate displeasure with all the act and leave it alone until excitement subdues. The bottom line is that you should not keep on using your pet dog even when it demonstrates rough behavior. Eventually, the dog learns you wont ever give it attention if demonstrates rough play.

Young kids must also learn that it is not acceptable to allow the dog mouth their hands, simply because it does not bite. Allow them to to help you discourage bad behavior by not playing roughly with your new puppy.

Communicate Effectively with your Dog

Dogs do take orders from humans and you can use this to fix inappropriate behavior. For instance, it is possible to train your puppy to learn to take a seat any time you say sit or stop doing something unacceptable once you say stop. You may use such commands as soon as your dog tries jump in your direction.

Discover the way you use a combination of ways to discourage rough behavior. As an example, if a dog attempts to mount on you, you are able to command him to, stop. This must be followed by a consequence, like turning away until your new puppy is back to the ground on its four limbs.

Whenever a dog responds positively towards acceptable behavior, a reward will surely help enforce it. You might praise it, have a treat or pet it just a little.

Things you should not do

It is necessary you emphasize on not punishing your pet dog for attempting to play with kids. Thus, avoid hitting, slapping or in any respect inflicting pain on your dog for jumping onto you, mouthing or nipping. Punishing your puppy by doing this may get it to fear and avoid you. Even worse, your dog may feel threatened and attack in defense.

Discretion is important in learning to stop dogs from being rough with children. Being a dog owner, you realize dogs naturally like to play just as kids do. Since normal dogs do not play rough with intentions to harm children, it is important you discover how to enforce acceptable behavior through effective communication along with your dog. Reward your puppy for playing nice and demonstrate consequences for unacceptable behavior without hitting it.

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