Ibiza – Our Mediterranean island adventure

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Published: 06th February 2017
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We left in the morning by ferry on the Balearia from Valencia in Saint Antony's bay, and then onto Ibiza, already feeling the excitement of the Mediterranean and this remote Spanish island just 3 hours from the Port of Valencia. The boat was a large catamaran with a restaurant and comfortable seats that gave the journey an exciting start. Our friends were waiting for us in Saint Antony's bay and to take us directly to one of the typically Ibizan villages nearby, where we all enjoyed Tapas and of course a glass or two of wine. The houses in Ibiza are famous for their White and blue exterior décor that gave us the feeling of being on an island locked in the past.

We stayed for the first two nights in Port de Sant Miquel in a wonderful hotel overlooking the bay with breathtaking views of the harbor and sea, with yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes scattered around the bay. The next morning we rented a new open-toped Jeep Wrangler, the perfect way to see the island, and drove directly to their house, a beautifully restored typical Ibizan Finca that had been modernized with every convenience and as we pulled up at the door their huge St. Bernard gave us a big friendly welcome wagging his tail and his favorite Teddy Bear toy held firmly in his mouth.

Coco beach club

coco-beach-clubIn the afternoon we left with the four of us to the popular Coco Beach restaurant where they had pre-booked lunch, absolutely essential in this very popular venue, and although the prices are quite high the cuisine was un-rivalled and worth every penny. On the way to the beach club we saw some of the other the famous venues that Ibiza is so well known for, the Hard Rock Hotel and many of the other famous nightclubs. The beach club itself was (As the name suggests) directly on the beach and had one of those menus you have to hold in both hands, truly inspiring as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After lunch we charged ourselves up with some fresh air on the journey back to the hotel and started to prepare for our first night on the town and discover some of Ibiza's famous night life. We started out in one of the lovely bars in the town along with all the other visitors dressed up for the nights revelry, but it had been an exhausting first day for us and we decided to skip a busy night out in return to get ready for a great day tomorrow.

The bay of Cala de Sant Vicent.

bay-cala-de-sant-vicent.Early Sunday morning after breakfast we headed out for our first stop, at the Bay of Cala de Sant Vicent. As it turned out the Jeep was an excellent choice, brilliant for taking photos and a great way to suck-up the Ibizan atmosphere of this green remote island of hidden coves and exotic landscapes, and with so much to see the open top made us feel part of the landscape, exposed and part of our surroundings.

On arriving we were able to find places that would have been impossible under normal circumstances and took some great pictures and gave us some rare views of this island and its unexpected natural habitat. Only a short distance from the town, you are transported into a wonderful traditional Spanish countryside of quiet traditional Fincas and Haciendas from Spain of old.

As we travelled around, I wondered what it must be like to be one of the owners of these wonderful buildings, especially overlooking the bluest water that can only be the Mediterranean and what it is so famous for. It would have been so inviting to have taken a dip in sea as the sun is was going down, but unfortunately time didn't permit and we still had a lot to see. We stopped for a while to take in the view and have a coffee and met a nice Dutch family that were on the island for the first time, when we explained that we were in the rental and property market and they said how much they would love to buy an apartment in Ibiza, (so many visitors to Ibiza always left with the feeling of wanting to live here, or at least have a permanent retreat for holidays in the future. After our goodbye's we headed towards our next destination, I am sure they will end up finding a place of their own.

The bay platje Pou d'es Lleo

bay-platje-pou-lieoThe way was sometimes off-road and the Jeep had a little climbing to do and driving through a narrow forest path, we came across we came across the end of the cliff and a Villa with spectacular sea views. I think that having the Jeep meant that we could see many things that you wouldn't normally come across, so I would definitely recommend to anyone touring the island to get an open top 4×4 and go a little out of your way into the unknown and your own private adventure, there are so many hidden gems and breathtaking views. After this beautiful area we left to return to Ibiza town again, we wanted to take some pictures of the town while it was still light, especially some of the harbor and the old parts of the town.

The island Illa Es Vendra

After a great lunch in a small local restaurant we head towards Illa Es Vendra, we drove island-Illa-Es-VendraAfter a great lunch in a local restaurant we headed towards Illa Es Vendra, and drove with the help of Google maps on our mobiles, there were some very narrow roads along the way, but we were able to mark out some of the unusual and attractive areas that eventually led us to some captivating locations. We couldn't always get there entirely by Jeep, but just a short 10 minute walk through a rocky path we could see an impressive mountain island which we could see very clearly on top of what looked like a pirates watch tower that gave us an amazing view.

The coast at Cala Comte

coast-at-cala-comteWe planned to visit the famous sunset restaurant and started to drive towards Cala Comte, but unfortunately it was extremely busy and instead started to look around for a more private sunset location. We went down a narrow road and came across a few scattered rocks where we were presented with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean, this gave me the opportunity to see Natalia sitting amongst the rocks which she said was just like a painting. After a while we decided to drive back to San Antonio, where we had to take the ferry to Valencia back to the mainland the next morning.

Sunset Cafe del Mar

sunset-cafe-del-marAlthough it was our plan to spend our last night at the famous Cafe del Mar, to listen to music and maybe see some of the famous visitors that often become part of the background of this well-known venue, we thought it would have been impossible to have reserved a table, but our luck was in and despite being completely booked we were kindly offered a table directly overlooking the sea.
The music and views of the Cafe del Mar created a wonderful atmosphere for our final night and with that extra glass of Sangria gave the evening a perfect ending. After we left the Cafe del Mar and the adjacent Mambo club, where previously thousands of people were watching the sunset. We had really wanted to stay longer but unfortunately had to wake up at six to catch the ferry the next morning. So we left the vibrant town of Saint Antoni Bay with its abundance of nightlife, bars, hotels and holiday rentals behind, to make our way back to the hotel.

Our impressions of Ibiza

Whether you're a nature lover, you want to enjoy the many delightful restaurants and cafes, lie on the beautiful white beaches, whether you love diving, snorkeling or to join in the 24 hour never ending party life, then it's all possible in Ibiza!

No wonder Ibiza is so popular, everyone that visits have their own special reasons to return. What an amazing island!

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