IBS and probiotics - can they help?

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Probiotics are one of the leading health supplements that are taken in this day and age and this is because stomach problems are becoming more and more common, part of the reasoning for this is just that our diets are changing and we are taking in a lot more sugar than what we used to, this can have a detrimental effect on our stomach bacteria, one of the easiest ways to correct this problem is by taking probiotic supplements.

Supplemental form of probiotics is the most popular choice for most consumers who want to improve their overall health and wellness, it's very easy to understand why when you see just how easy it is to buy these items and take them on a daily basis, probiotics may be able to help with many different conditions but the main one seems to be IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

For any sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome they know what a painful and embarrassing condition it can be, there's no shortage of pain and it effects your social life due to needing to be near a bathroom whenever you leave the house, although it's not as serious as other bowel diseases it can often take a physical and mental toll on the person it effects.

Some of the symptoms of IBS are stomach bloating, feeling uncomfortable after a meal, stomach pains or aches, constipation or diarrhea, tiredness and sometimes a feeling of fullness in the bowel, going to the toilet regularly may help with some of the symptoms but as sufferers know it's not always that easy.

Some are suggesting that IBS is causes by small bowel bacterial overgrowth which is when the bad gut bacteria multiply and cause a whole host of problems within the body, there are certain suggestions that anti fungal medications may help by killing off the bad bacteria but the main treatment is making sure that your good guys get topped up.

Using probiotics on a regular basis can help to boost your good gut bacteria and lead to less stomach complaints, there needs to be a lot more testing done with probiotics to truly understand if it can help IBS sufferers but at there have been many reviews left to say that it has been beneficial to take them.

IBS is an extremely difficult condition with multiple issues that many doctors don't yet know what the root cause is but it's becoming increasingly important to do your own research and make your own health choices, changing your diet is a great first step and by lowering your sugar intake you can stop feeding the bad guys, taking probiotics also helps to feed the good guts and getting this balance restored is one of the most important health decisions you can undertake.

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