If You Are Going To Fail At Something, Do It As Fast As Possible!

Published: 08th April 2015
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Have you ever witnessed someone you love and care about, ponder, potter and basically get all confused over a project, an idea, a business… and it seems that they're at it forever.I have.

And let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight.

I've seen friends and family members go after hair brained, pie in the sky silliness without any sort of reward.

I've heard of people going to court over something where they know deep down in their hearts that there's no productive outcome… but they still insist in going down that route for what seems like an eternity… dragging it out like their time and life has no meaning or significance.

I've seen people get into a business and they know, right from the outset that it's not going to work, but they still, whether out of pride, what others will say, stubbornness, or whatever… carry on with it, losing money hand over fist, whilst family members, watching helplessly, wearing faces of despair and utter disbelief, letting you carry on… regardless!

The question is: "Why beat ourselves up?"I've done it. We've all done it. But, there's got to be a time when we've got to raise the white flag and say… "I SURRENDER!"But you see, it's those very words - I SURRENDER - that many people can't seem to shrug off. It's as if they've admitted defeat; as if they're not good enough; as if others will pour scorn over their efforts.Let me tell you these are real thoughts and experiences. Though, it's something that can either cripple someone, or have them move forward.

Pity the person who says "I've tried for ten years to make this work but haven't got anywhere!" Beware the person who says "this time, by hook or crook I'm going to make this a success"… when all around them lies the evidence of a poorly constructed belief system, a habit system that's going haywire and a spluttering, haphazard system of turning plans… into ACTION.

Life's about a lot of things. Part of it is about finding things that interest us. And then, what we tend to do is learn a bit more about it, and then learn a bit more. Pretty soon, we learn to make a real go of it. And, if for some reason it doesn't work out, we need to muster up the courage to say "it's not working!"

And, do you know what we should do after that? We should find something else that captures our interest. The fact of the matter is it's better to know early in the game that if something's going to fail, you want to step on it and get out of there as early as you can.

I don't know how you feel, but it's no use going through the pain and hardship of a failed business, a marriage that's absolutely on the rocks, sour relationships with friends and family, an unsuitable choice of business or personal mentor, a stock market system that brings in horrendous returns… or whatever… and still… act as if they are a permanent part of our lives.

As crazy as it sounds, finding out fast and quickly that things aren't working… has an inbuilt system of reward as well!You see, once you disassociate yourself from something that's not working, something that's poorly performing, then the mind rewards you by seeking out other areas of interest, other projects, other ideas or profitable ventures that may indeed, suit you better.

One thing I'd like to point out here is that if you really have a deep interest in something, if you're really committed to making something a success, then, no hurdle, no obstacle, no negativity will dare get in your way. Failure, simply isn't an option.You know, many failures happen because of a lack of information, as well as the improper application of the right information. And that's true for each and every area of our lives. It's true, all across the board.

We really can turn it all around and make each and every single area of our lives, a truly fabulous success.What's the best way to brush off failures? Simply think of it as another way NOT to do something! And immediately, seek out something that really does interest you and be committed to its outcome.

And please, if things aren't working for you, don't hold onto it for an eternity; drop it as quickly as you would if you were to pick up a scalding kettle.


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