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Published: 06th February 2017
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S5, as a single of Airwheel new electric self-balancing scooters, enjoys extremely great track record following new merchandise release conference. Below are the all-around evaluations so as to further know about S5.

On June 18th, Airwheel hosted new item release convention and issued two kinds of new self-balancing electric scooters: S5 and A3. The pursuing will give all-around evaluations of one particular of them: Airwheel S5 SUV electrical scooter.

The initial perception of Airwheel S5 is big and it is certainly greater than S3. In truth, S5 adopts 16-inch Cheng Shin tyres, whilst S3 employs fourteen-inch types, but the adopted tyres of S5 are significantly broader and thicker. Therefore, a lot of individuals come to feel that S5 is much greater than both S3 and S3T by naked eyes. S5's difficult physical appearance style type satisfies off-street impression flawlessly. Apart from, equally fenders of two flanks and aluminum alloy shaft are demountable.

S5 bike electric

Overall performance
The battery ability of S5 is increased mainly, which can assist as lengthy as 50km if it is totally billed. At the very same time, the rated energy and highest instantaneous electricity are 500W and 1500W respectively. Generally talking, the running modes of S5 and S3 are the exact same, which is turning on the primary change very first and starting it by remote handle. When it will come to the using speed, S5 is a tiny quicker than S3, whose pace is ranging from 16km/h to 20km/h. Meanwhile, the velocity limit security system will audio the alarm as quickly as it reaches 16km/h.

S5 segway electric powered

Special App
In accordance to Airwheel R&D staff, they are building S5-connected App, which can be downloaded to the telephone and keep an eye on the true-time data of self-balancing scooter conveniently. Apart from, such capabilities as updating and aligning the scooter as well as modifying the velocity restrict safety regular will be understood through the App. Airwheel formal replies these kinds of an App will be developed for customers in the around potential.

In short, Airwheel S5 personal transporter is praised as a high-end SUV scooter in the self-balancing electric powered scooter sector.

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