Increase Height Frauds - Hypnotism? Magnetism? Reflexology? Really?

Published: 20th November 2016
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When looking for a cure to help you iron out a health and wellness issue or other type of concern for that matter, you have to be careful not to fall prey to the dishonest cons crawling out of the woodwork posing as honest experts. Frauds are one of the oldest professions worldwide and lie artist over the ages have actually continued to adapt with the passing of time, continuously reinventing their cons in order to continue to be relevant in contemporary times. Grow taller frauds are not any different and there are numerous different ones exploiting your insecurity.

Do research!

It is necessary to do some thorough investigation first before committing to anything someone is selling because you might end up spending precious cash on trash. Money losses aside, you may end up hurting yourself using these phony solutions leading to irreparable physical damage.

When it concerns get taller frauds, lie artist have come to be quite innovative, creating basic to complicated methods that appear quite rational scientifically but in truth are nothing more than just pure fantasy. Below are just some of the most imaginative ones that many have actually fallen prey to.


Hypnotism is where you allow somebody bring your mind to an unique type of relaxed state. While in this state you will be susceptible to what they tell you. This one is a timeless Con. lie artists have actually offered the illusion to many, many victims that they can use hypnotism to persuade the mind that you are actually taller. And as a result your mind will cause the needed changes to make you taller.

Hypnotism is intended at the subconscious state of mind which in charge of regulating your thoughts thereby manipulating your viewpoint on life. The sad truth is though, your mind with only its emotions alone can not influence growth as this is a physical process, not a psychological one! Hypnotism is better matched to overcome habitual issues like dependency and other psychological issues.

Magnetic Insoles

There are some cons that assert that magnetic inserts can stimulate height growth. The concept is that these magnetic inserts activate specific nerves and body organs in your body necessary for maximum height development. They claim to also enhance the overall body energy with enhanced blood circulation making you taller .

However, as of today, there is no proof that they do result in an increase in height. So far science has actually just proven that certain types of magnetic treatment can only provide limited pain relief.


Reflexology is a method performed by a specialist which includes concentrating on specific pressure points found on the feet and hands with the purpose of treating certain symptoms. The process starts with the expert applying pressure to the identified areas on the client's hands or feet. After a bit certain changes will emerge to the specialist. They will then continue to concentrate on these changes till after a period of time you will notice some improvement. Sessions typically last for about one hour and depending upon your specific requirements, you could need more sessions to accomplish the desired outcomes.

This method appears safe enough, as the worst case situation is a soothing massage. Still it's wise counsel to check that the specialist is certified by the Association of Reflexology. Just keep in mind that there is literally no clinical proof that this kind of therapy will have any effect to enhancing your height.

There are reflexology shoe inserts available that claim to have the exact same result as that produced by a expert. However, claims that these will set off hormones to stimulate height development are at best skeptical, and at worst, a scummy get taller con.

Herbal Supplements

Taking herbal supplements to get taller is a lot more believable than the others, as it influences the body from within at the molecular level. Natural supplements are readily available in the market that are tailored for height growth claiming that they help activate the pituitary gland and therefore produce the right bodily conditions necessary to stimulate height development.

The truth though is that these herbal supplements doesn't target height growth as they are made out to be. Rather, they target the general health and immune system. This will ultimately help the body perform optimally, including those functions involving height development. That is if you are still young enough to be growing and your growth plates have not closed forever.

As much as we being short people want to find a miracle height increase remedy, it's vital to remain grounded and not permit yourselves to be driven by your emotions. Proper homework and a little knowledge about the way the body works can be the difference in between avoiding some online grow taller lie artist taking you for a ride or that elusive 2 inches in additional height.

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