Independence Day Does Not Have To Be Unwholesome Or Unsafe

Published: 06th February 2017
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Throughout the week or so preceeding the 4th of July, approximately 700 million pounds of poultry and 190 million pounds of red meat/pork are purchased. On July Fourth itself, 150 million hotdogs are consumed. Are you stocked up and prepared? To assist with your 4th of July festivity this year, we would like to provide you with some healthier suggestions to always keep your occasion healthy, but unforgettable.

Include Vegetables together with Your Meat Preparations

Cut up various Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Squash, Onions, Tomatoes or some other vegetable that you would like to have and put the slices on the barbecue for a quick bonus to the grilled meat. Use smaller sized slices of the veggies and create shish kabobs with meat and vegetables, by doing this everyone gets a healthy portion.

Go with Meat which is Low in Fat

A BBQ is never whole without having hot dogs, right? Well ... Hotdogs contain a lot of salt and fat inside the meat. There are healthy substitutes that are lower in fat, but still taste like the well-known and liked hotdog taste. Toss some more chicken on the barbecue and take off a few of those huge hamburgers. Pick a lower in fat ground meat. They sell 85/15 and 95/5 ground up meat that can be extremely healthy compared with the full fat meat. Adding in a few seasonings and getting creative may substitute the shortage of grease upgraded with a spirit of satisfaction for your taste buds. If you are not wanting to eliminate the fat in the burgers, consider making smaller hamburgers or "sliders" for a portion-controlled entree.

Bypass the High Fat Desserts and Go with the Healthier Treats

As an alternative to something that will make your already loaded tummy, a little bit more full, consider featuring a little something that is light and cheery but filling.

Red White and Blue Healthy Desserts

A Blend of Strawberries, Blueberries and Marshmallows

Dip Strawberries in White Chocolate and then in Blue Sprinkles

Watermelon - A Very Healthy and Balanced Dessert or Treat

Take watermelon slices and a star cookie cutter to create star shaped watermelon pieces. These can then be put on the leftover shish kabob sticks and stuck into piece of a watermelon in order to brace up the stars. Watermelon is quite healthy and good for someone who has been outside in the sunlight all day. This is because Watermelon is very high in water content and helps to hydrate the human body. Watermelon also contains a high level of all-natural lycopene, which is suggested in early research to help actually help reduce incidence of cancer and heart diseases.

Keep Hydrated and Don't Forget Sunblock !!

Being out in the sunlight, sometimes, we tend to overlook how long we have been outside when we are enjoying ourselves. Always remember to stay safe by taking in a lot of water so that you do not dehydrate your body. We also recommended sunscreen so you will not need aloe to the rescue when the day of jubilation ends.

Everybody Have a Safer and Enjoyable Fourth of July Festivity!

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