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From the best pet accessories through to what pet is right for you and your family; Article Alley have dedicated an entire section to pets where there is a mammoth amount of information available to you right now. Our pet section is very versatile and covers a lot of topics thanks to the thousands of articles that are submitted to our database everyday from our authors. Our aim is to help you in whatever way we can with providing you with the information covering all aspects associated with pets and as our database has such a large collection of articles I feel that we succeed in doing this.

Utilizing a Greenhouse as an Animal Sanctuary

06th February 2017
There is no better way to display love for animals than by providing them with an animal sanctuary. One way to accomplish this is by designing a new or converting an existing greenhouse into an animal sanctuary. Animal sanctuaries are unique facilities t... Read >
Author: Melissa Reinhart

Itching for New Ink? 8 Steps for Getting a Pet Tattoo

06th February 2017
Itching for New Ink? 8 Steps for Getting a Pet Tattoo You love your pet, and you're ready to announce it to the world with a brand-new tattoo. Getting a tattoo is easy, right? Wait a second, is this the first time you've ever gotten a tattoo? Alrigh... Read >
Author: WhataPortrait


06th February 2017
SAN DIEGO, CA—June 20, 2015—Inspired by her relationship with her rescue dog, Renata Shustin has established Micha Doggy Wear, a fun, colorful and unique clothing line for dogs that incorporates elements from the tranquil beach and ocean environment where... Read >
Author: Micha Doggy Wear

Pet Bucket Coupon Code

06th February 2017
They have two varieties of solutions:-1. Canine Therapies2. Cats RemediesCanine Treatments:-v Fleav Tickv Heartwormv Intestinal WormCATS Remedies:-v Fleav Tickv Heartwormv Intestinal WormFor fleas they have so a lot of vaccinations and medicines e.g. advo... Read >
Author: JimmyJoensen

Dog Trekking - Hike with a Dog for a Long Distance

06th February 2017
Not every dog will pass long walks with muscle tension and load on cardiovascular system, therefore there are some limits for this dog sport: - only grown-up dogs are allowed; - old dogs and dogs with health issues are allowed only after consultatio... Read >
Author: Julia Taylor

Aspects In how to make yogurt Across The UK

05th February 2017
The number one reason people drink yogurt is because they desire to live cook. They need to slim down, cure some digestion problems or just feel great. Yogurt is able to do this because it is a probiotic. Meaning, it has a lot of good friendly bacteria, w... Read >
Author: SeanMose

This will end in tears!

10th January 2017
This will end in tears, but fortunately its happy tears. While it looks a little scary with the dog racing towards the baby boy over and over, these two are most definitely going to be best friends for life. The boy thinks the dogs hysterical funny as... Read >
Author: Knowrandom

Tips on how to What ought to be done to keep your dog safe in one place

10th January 2017
Dogs are generally friendly animals, not loners. Your pet dog misses you while you are away from your place. He's happy and glad to see you arrive through gate again. Likely to learn in certain period of one's time without the companion of their human pac... Read >
Author: Lenard Siddon

What You Gain from a Horse Training Program

10th January 2017
Having the opportunity to work with horses is an amazing thing. The people who get the chance to do this for a living are known to have lives full of serenity and adventure, two paradoxical terms that also happen to describe horses. If this is something t... Read >
Author: OJ Sodita

The Purrfect Cat Furniture

04th December 2016
Cats are great pets to keep inside your own home, as soon as you decide to become a cat owner, there are certain things worth taking into consideration to help make sure that you and the pet cat are able to live peacefully in one environment. Cat furnitur... Read >
Author: Blaine Smiles

How You Can Make That Disruptive Dog Your Ideal Friend!

19th November 2016
Training a dog might be one of the more rewarding experiences a family pet owner is capable of having. To get their dog to sit and stay, as well as roll over on command is a thing of wonder. This sort of obedience and training doesn't happen overnight, ho... Read >
Author: Shawanna Bibel

Dog Potty Training: My Experience Using a Short Leash

19th November 2016
I know that dog potty training is an inevitable part of any dog owner's responsibilities. After all, the alternative of forever cleaning up every time one's dog goes potty anywhere it pleases is an almost unthinkable burden. In fact, I've successfully pot... Read >
Author: M. Joselito Garcia

The Ideal Amount Of Aquarium Decor

17th August 2015
The aim of designing your aquarium with fish tank decor is simply to develop that wonderful theme which you can be happy about and show off to all your visitors. However when creating that ultimate theme, you will also want to consider the safety and comf... Read >
Author: Tim Kessler

Constructing Spectacular Caves From Fish Tank Decoration

17th August 2015
Caves constructed from fish tank decor are necessary. I've emphasized this many times in the past that I have been creating aquarium ideas and I feel I can't emphasize it adequately. With the selection of fish tank decors offered retailed now, it's rather... Read >
Author: Tim Kessler

Information about Maine Coon Cats

17th August 2015
Introduction Maine coon cats are amazing and beautiful. They are considered among the most natural cat "breeds" in existence. They were first used at cat shows and were among the strongest competitors. Then more exotic cats came from the East and they ... Read >
Author: Alex
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