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Writing & Speaking
Here at Article Alley we have dedicated an entire section to the subject area of writing and speaking. It is within this section where you will find all of the articles in our database that are relevant to writing and speaking. All of these articles are submitted to us on a daily basis by our authors. You can be assured that these articles are of good quality and unique content and they are completely free for you to use. For example if you run a website based around writing and speaking skills for various occasions you are free to re-publish most of the articles present within this section on your own site. These articles are also freely available to people who merely want to read up on a certain point. Basically this section can be used in whichever way you need to use it so have a browse around it now to see what you find.

8 Smart Methods to Write SEO Friendly content

10th January 2017
Why we need to rank have high ranking on search engine results? Well, the answer is to this question is so simple. People today are using search engines to look up information about everything from finding sport scores to buying a new car. Therefore, it i... Read >
Author: sunglasses online

Resume Writing Isn't a Secret - But a Technique

05th December 2016
Every new job seeker hopes to get noticed for his or her resume. They all want someone to refer their resumes to potential employers as well. But how do you go about getting a good professional resume? Affordable Resume Experts, a professional resume writ... Read >
Author: jSmithPotter

The Bond Between Negative Kindle Reviews and Formatting!

04th December 2016
Kindle direct publishing and Amazon Kindle is a great platform for writers. By definition, Kindle is created for authors with a simple message to be shared. If you have spent several years searching for a legit publishing house, Kindle Direct will definit... Read >
Author: titustrueman

Make Educating Your Child Fun With These Tips

04th December 2016
What do you envision for your child's future? Is it a scientist, famous author, or lawyer? The possibilities are endless, as long as they have a good education. If you have been let down by the public school system, you should consider homeschooling your ... Read >
Author: WayneMcdonald


28th November 2016
Robert Kiyosaki is a man with his fingers in many pies. He is a renowned author, a financial guru, an advocate of financial literacy, a businessman, an investor, an owner of mines and oil wells, into real estate, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur an... Read >
Author: Janpratinidhi

Interested in starting a book club in 2014? How vintage of you!

20th November 2016
It may seem like book clubs are a relic of another era, but that's half of what makes them cool, right? The major benefits of a book club - socializing, engaging conversation, and extra motivation to tackle that list of books you've been meaning to read..... Read >
Author: Kerri Lowe

20 Translation Terms your Business should know

20th November 2016
If you're looking to expand your online business, translation is a great way of reaching out to more customers, both at home and overseas. Translation jargon can be a bit tricky, however. Here are 20 terms you should know when getting to grips with busine... Read >
Author: Rob

5 Tips For Self-Published Authors

20th November 2016
Copyright (c) 2014 Jeffrey Keen The publishing business has certainly changed in the past decade or so and will continue to do so. The popularity of eReaders and eBooks, as well as the ease with which they can be offered to the buying public, is a boon... Read >
Author: Jeffrey Keen

Four Finest Networks For Publishing Via The Internet

17th August 2015
Any person can possibly create his or her very own blog today. The ways of communicating and making transactions among people have significantly transformed because of the great influence of social media and blogging. Free blogging platforms are now creat... Read >
Author: marketingideas


26th June 2015
How can I travel and work? It’s many people’s dream to get a job they can travel around the world with. Travel writer or photographer, masseuse, English teacher, cruise ship employee, tour guide… they’re all realistic options but they’re hard to get into ... Read >
Author: CopywriterCollective

How To Start A Professional Email

28th May 2013
Writing a professional email - for work or other reasons - may be a hard thing to learn. It’s something that will come easy for experienced IT professionals, however if you have no experience with composing professional emails, or if you’re just starting ... Read >
Author: Complete IT Professional

10 Tips On How To Write A Business Email

09th May 2013
Email is part of the everyday routine of an IT professional. It’s found in offices as a significant form of communication, and some organizations use it a lot better than others. There's a big difference between a good email and a bad email. We occasional... Read >
Author: Complete IT Professional

There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

23rd April 2013
Research plays a critical role in the development of modern societies. Human beings conduct research to develop solutions in various fields such as science and technology, medicine, military and other facets of life. In this regard, research is described ... Read >
Author: Terry

Conversation Analysis

23rd April 2013
The conversation occurs between four students who are on their way to school. These are Henry, Howard, Penny, and Mia. Henry is 25-years old male. Howard is 21-years old male. Penny is 22-years old female. While, Mia is 20-years old female. They take the ... Read >
Author: Terry

Finding A Great Motivational Speaker

30th January 2013
Imagine you're asked to plan your company’s next big event. With all the responsibility left on your shoulders, this may become quiet overwhelming quickly. You want to do everything in your power to turn this event a success. Hiring a motivational spea... Read >
Author: Justin
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