Sales and Marketing

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Sales and Marketing
The concept of sales and marketing are vital aspects to business and websites so it is important that these concepts are carried out in the correct manner to ensure success; Article Alley is here to help you do this. Thanks to this sales and marketing section you are given access to a database full of articles surrounding everything about this subject. It is within this section that you will be able to read. We update all of our sections on a daily basis meaning the information that you have access to is constantly up-to-date so regular visits to this section might well be worth your while.

Corporate Advertising

17th August 2015
Corporate Advertising Corporate Advertising is explained as a promotional strategy that is planned by the organisation to not only sell the organisation's products/ services to the consumers but also to foster a positive image among the customers and oth... Read >
Author: rupal jain

Decision Making Model

17th August 2015
Decision Making Model A manager consciously and subconsciously makes hundred's of decisions in a day. Most of the decisions have significant impact on the organisation's profitability and productivity. A timely, well considered decision can lead the orga... Read >
Author: rupal jain

Choosing between renting, buying new or buying used refrigerators

17th August 2015
Even though we would love our refrigerators to last forever, they will not. There will come a time in every household when your HVAC technician tells you that your refrigerator cannot be repaired. Your HVAC technician has had extensive training in refrige... Read >
Author: kaithm

Online Quote Software for Unlimited Quoting- Product Catalog, Custom Elements, Integrations and More

17th June 2015
Quoting for your merchandise and service can make or shatter your existence as a business entity. Quote software price estimation packages are becoming the most resourceful method of offering instant quotes to customers. Quoting software suggests profitab... Read >
Author: Arpita

Brand Building, Brand Marketing, Brand Management - 360 Digital Creations

17th June 2015
Brand building involves developing a blend of marketing channels from social media and SEO to raise brand’s equity. Creating Operative Contact-Points: First things first, clients come into contact or get familiar with your product/merchandise by a n... Read >
Author: Ravinder

Get Best Marketing Thoughts For Social Media

08th April 2015
Details of in the proportion new and is seldom less complicated than developed during the social media. Social media indicates the elements of creating and division, people can easily create your own content material and fostering with your friends and re... Read >
Author: Jayati

7 Reasons Why Mose People FAIL in their Network Marketing Business

03rd April 2015
1Are you struggling in your network marketing business? Are things not working out the way you hoped or the way you were promised they would? Have you run out of people to talk to and need more? Well you are not alone… These are common themes... Read >
Author: Kaid Collins

How to Recover EPS Files on Mac

23rd April 2013
Facebook is one of the most recent and widely used social network innovations and a strong platform for business sales and marketing. This has been approved over the past 10 years where Facebook has and is still counting a population of about 500 million ... Read >
Author: StevenLi

The best way Men Buy Consumer Electronics industries

12th April 2013
Men plus women search differently, specially when shopping to get home, or gadgets. Men know what precisely they want, the measurements, shape, fee, and where exactly it is situated in the save. Men normally has first identify the item they gotta have, su... Read >
Author: Azeem

The best ways to promote your Restaurant using Social Media Websites

11th February 2013
Social Media Marketing for RestaurantsSocial media marketing is turning into the fundamental pillar that most marketing efforts are built around.Restaurants use this marketing technique as well as any other type of business and with a good reason.There ar... Read >
Author: Eugene Clark

How Can Mobile Web Applications Service Providers Generate Qualified B2B Sales Leads

02nd November 2012
One of the challenges encountered in offering your mobile web application services to other business is the lack of qualified B2B leads. You may have one of the most effective programs, perhaps a customized mobile application, that will sure be a hit wi... Read >
Author: PMckenzie

13 Tips To Grow Your Mobile Marketing List

02nd November 2012
Mobile marketing has come of age and suddenly everyone is looking to it as a source to build their business. The flexibility of mobile marketing benefits both an online business and traditional local, or offline businesses. However, mobile listbuilding ... Read >
Author: allent

From Zero to Hero or How to Become a Successful Affiliate

01st November 2012
Programs Many think that it takes a special kind of person to achieve success as an affiliate marketer, but the truth is that there is no secret and there are no amazing capabilities that can turn a person in a very successful affiliate. Determination a... Read >
Author: Linute

A Surefire Way To Get Yourself Noticed Through Non-Traditional Marketing

24th October 2012
You're walking through Boston, right along the Charles River. Maybe you're on your way to your first class of the day, or making the commute to work, and you come across something unusual: A strange light board depicting a pixelatedcreature waving around... Read >

The Mobile Marketing Boom

16th October 2012
2013 is set to be the year where marketers and advertisers finally wake up to the potential of the mobile phone as a marketing tool. The market is growing rapidly and is changing the way people not only access information but how they live their lives... Read >
Author: MoffatR
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