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Published: 17th August 2015
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Maine coon cats are amazing and beautiful. They are considered among the most natural cat "breeds" in existence. They were first used at cat shows and were among the strongest competitors. Then more exotic cats came from the East and they lost their positions temporarily, but they recently came back to be placed among the most favorite cat breeds in the world.

Their name is derived from the well-known state of the US, Maine. There, they are considered the official cats of the state and they are renowned. As far as their origins are concerned, we cannot be sure. This uncertainty has given way to lots of tales like the infamous one of a domestic cat mating with a racoon, which certainly has lots of flaws.


These cats are among the heaviest, biggest and most fuzzy among almost every cat breed. The average male Maine Coon can weigh anywhere from 7 to 11 kg and the females from 4.5 to 7. They are pretty heavy for a cat!

They are also pretty tall, with a lot of fur and a long coat which can even sometimes touch the floor. Their tail and ears are also pretty long, with lots of hair. This breed needs some regular grooming (maybe once per 3 months), which can be done best by a professional. Usually the professionals will bathe your cat, trim its nails and most importantly, unknot its fur (if needed) and cut excessive hair, making your pet look outstanding.

The color combinations cats like these can have, are around 75. The most prominent ones are orange, black, white, silver and copper. They are a very cute breed and have a rectangular head, with pointed ears and usually elongated mouth. Their face shows genetic traits of a hunter.


Maine Coons are very fond of.... water! Yes, it is pretty unbelievable for a cat, but these ones have an affinity towards water. This might be due to their thick fur, which will not allow the water to alter dramatically their body temperature or reach their skin easily. For this reason, they will shit for a bath much easier and with less protest, than other cats. Also, it has been noted that while the owner is having a bath, this cat might jump in right out of nowhere!

They are a pretty cool breed, preferring to chill out on the floor or on the couch. They generally don't like climbing and jumping around for no particular reason. Thus, you will rarely see a cat like these on high places.
It is difficult to irritate them, since they have a calm and patient personality. However, they have energy and like to play around, or hunt objects that you might throw around. You can also, play with them with a laser.

They are not needy and they will not stalk you to show affection to them or pet them. However, if you start rubbing their belly and neck, they usually enjoy it and they will urge you to keep petting them!

They can be trained and if you do it properly, their training will last. Maine coons when they form habits, tend to stick with them and it will be hard to change one

If you live in the US or Canada, you can find kittens for sale from various breeders in sites, like the one mentioned in the link. Before you buy any pet, please make sure that you have searched your potential breeder thoroughly to make sure he is a reputable one. You can search on the web on how to do due diligence and screening for breeders.

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