Install an Affordable Walk-in Tub in Your Home

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Published: 17th August 2015
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When a person has a long day, nothing is better than a warm water bath. It helps with soothing the mind and body. A warm bath is not just a trend being carried on for centuries, but it has scientific background as well. Studies show that a warm bath can relax your mind and reduce stress levels. Many people are hesitant of taking a bath in traditional tubs. This is where walk-in tubs step in. Walk-in bathtubs are safer than the traditional tubs!

The benefits of walk-in tubs:

Walk-in tubs have textured floors so they are not slippery. They have better ergonomics and are comfortable as well as affordable. Walk-in tubs have safety handles and are especially good for homes having young kids. Young kids have a habit of going quickly into tubs, which can be very dangerous. Walk-in tubs have doors to avoid excess water.
Walk-in tubs have various uses. They can be used for showers on daily basis. All you need to do is to fit a hand held shower head and keep the drain open. You can then easily take a regular shower and sit in the walk-in tub.
People having arthritis problems can benefit from walk-in tubs. They can easily take a bath by sitting in the tub.
These tubs are equipped with two types of systems. One is air jet and other is water jet. Air jet injects millions of air bubbles in the bathtub giving you that added health benefit. The bubbles created by the air jet applies pressure to your overall body. The water jet, on the other hand applies pressure to specific areas of body. Walk-in bathtubs have these two effective features which you are able to control. The pressure of each jet is set by your control. You can adjust the air and water jet pressure according to your need.
Since you emerge yourself in bubbly water, your body weighs only 90% of its actual weight. This gives relief to your joints. People having joint pain can benefit from these affordable, walk-in tubs. They will need less medicine for relieving their pain.
When you take a warm bath in a walk-in tub, it helps to improve blood circulation. When blood circulation improves, it helps in clearing out the capillaries on the skin. Opened capillaries result in better oxygenation. All this benefits your body in many ways. As bathtub installers in San Diego, California can tell you; it helps in removing toxins, improving digestion and metabolism.
Warm bath water in walk-in tubs help to release endorphins. This chemical helps in reducing stress in our body. A bath in warm water also helps to reduce other pain like; headache, back pain and many other body pains. A bath in a walk-in tub has the ability to help most of the pains that are caused by high stress levels.
Warm water baths in a walk-in tub helps people with sleeping problems. It is very relaxing for insomniacs. If you do not have permanent insomnia problem and are facing difficulty in sleeping then a warm water bath can help. It will help your muscles by releasing tension and results in a restful and deeper sleep. Slightly increased body temperature before bedtime also helps in better sleep
People who have physical defects can use walk-in tubs for taking bath. Traditional tubs make it impossible for disabled people to take bath in a traditional way. Walk-in tubs help such people. There are also people who have knee joint problems or back pain problems. Bending is very painful for such people. Having an affordable walk-in tub installed can help these people by giving them the option to take their bath while sitting instead of lying in the bathtub.

Walk-in tubs san diego are a luxury that every person dreams of. They can be beneficial for people of all ages.

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