Interesting craft and science project shows on TV For Children of all age

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Published: 30th April 2020
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Interesting craft and science project shows on TV For Children of all age

We prefer not to let our young children stick to TV watching shows which are not meant for their age. But still we end up making them
watch those. But if we really wish our children to learn something, then there are few popular shows on air that can make them and us
learn some great drawing and craft ideas. The shows related to science projects are also on air that can help senior children and
those who are interested in them.

Let us discuss some of those:

Engineer this:This show is on air on ZeeQ. This shows some really good science ideas made from scrap material or day today use items.
This is really good for those who are either looking for science projects for school or for parents who love to experiment to make
something new at home.

The Art room:

The character Lalon dresses up to be friendly with little children and presents the show in very friendly and simple way that it can
easily be understood by any age group. He makes the simple craft ideas that you can even involve your 4 year old kids and keep them

busy. The show is on-air on ZeeQ

Very popular and old show on Pogo teaches children various drawing ideas. You can find various books and Cds on the same in the market
as well. Itís informative and catches interest of every age group.


This show is on chemistry and physics ideas of making different project. The host uses simple combination of physics and chemistry
rules to make interesting ideas. This show is worth for senior children. It is aired on Pogo


Other than just craft or science this show is for some prank loving people. The simple magic tricks, learning and fun attached to the

show makes it worth watching. It is on pogo TV.

And, of course, the cartoon shows are always there for their entertainment. Even some DTH providers have their personal channel for nursery rhymes and baby show for toddlers

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