iPAS 2 Review – Free internet recruiting platform …With The Coach pt 1 Business in a Box

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Published: 28th November 2016
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I'm H. Cortez "the Coach" and I'd like to say right here and now that this iPAS 2 Review is going to be a little biased. See I've already jumped in and initiated going with my iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System…and man I'm fired up that I did. I couldn't stop myself, its $0.00 cost with no risk to me. I get $147 worth of tools that are mine to keep even if I cancel the free membership. Anyway, while this iPAS review is overwhelmingly biased, also just know that it is coming from someone on the inside that actually knows what this direct sales sponsoring system can do and how it works! IPAS 2 Review - Business in a box! Can a brand new network recruiter generate income with this program? The iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System ($147 value) has so many bells and whistles that I'm going to have to break up this review in to a few different segments. With this iPAS 2 review the focus will be on iPAS 2 as a standalone network down line building business in a box. Can a brand new internet marketer in a work from home opportunity who has never done any sort of network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing or home based business on the internet use iPAS 2 and have success. In my opinion the answer is a resounding YES!!When the iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System actually is released, here are a few things that a brand new online recruiter, if they've register for their free access, is going to get.
• Products - of course you cannot have a network business online or anywhere else without products. These products serve two purposes for the new internet team builder. First because they are educational products on the direct sales business that will educate the new network marketer in a home based business opportunity and help them grow to become a better recruiter over time. On the second hand because these products are solve the problems of most network marketers they are extremely easy to sell which puts money into the pockets of the newbie marketer almost instantaneously.
• Sales program - the #1 thing that all direct sales team builders struggle with is making sales, especially newbies! iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System ($147 value) was built primarily to solve this issue. This sales tool not only includes the best capture pages and sales funnels that convert at a higher than normal rate, it also include a live professional sales force to not only walk new leads through the buying process but to up-sell them as well.
• Support - with the right products in place, a platform that recruits for you the last piece to the puzzle is the right support system. iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System ($147 value) was designed for those of us who knows what it feels like to be abandoned by a sponsor. Just as we have a real live professional sales force to guide new down line all the way through the buying and set up phases, there is also a real live professional support group called The Prosperity Team. When you set up your iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System ($147 value) you will be guided by The Prosperity Team every step of the way. With regular hangouts, training webinar and consistent leadership The Prosperity Team will provide all of the support you want to win!
So in conclusion, this iPAS 2 review hopefully helped you see that the iPAS 2 FREE Internet Marketing System ($147 value) is the best business in a box for brand new network recruiters for a variety of reasons. However, it shouldn't be over looked by the experienced online recruiter because of its simplicity. Stay tuned for part 2 of my iPAS 2 review and I'll disclose some of the bells and whistles that will have experienced marketers chomping at the bit.

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