Is Beyonce's lemon water cleanse actually worth undertaking?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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So you are probably thinking this is some really unusual diet where you buy a lot of store-bought lemonade and drink that all day? Not really!

The lemonade concerned is only a name for a specific beverage that you drink. Additionally, the word diet is actually fairly misleading as it is, in fact, a detox. Consider any weight reduction as a perk.

A short history of the lemonade diet

Nobody had really come across the lemonade diet till a few years back when Beyonce made it well-known by using it to shed 20lbs in only ten days for a film role. However, it has actually been about for at least 40 years!

In 1974, a guy named Stanley Burroughs produced a book named 'The Master Cleanser' which explained this program. He 'd used it to treat a prolonged stomach ulcer which the health professionals had been unable to help him with.

This book described a short term detox program that lasts just a few days and is designed to clean out your digestive system, reduce the build up of waste material from your colon, and get rid of toxins from the body.

Understanding the approach

You start out with an ease in period wherein you gradually reduce your intake of food and especially, the addictive and toxic substances such as cigarettes, sugar and liquor.

Following the ease-in you the main detox period starts and this is where the lemonade comes in. At the time of the detox you can't eat any type of food and instead you drink just the lemonade itself that is made from lemon juice, Grade b maple syrup, cayenne pepper coupled with filtered water.

The sugar in the maple syrup gives the calories that your body needs, and the other ingredients supply several health benefits. Your digestive system has a chance to rest and catch up by not having to take care of new food being ingested.

Additionally, throughout this phase you perform a salt water flush every morning which helps elimination and you also drink a laxative tea at night. The flush is going to help clear away the waste in the bowel and the tea helps move that along!

What benefits can you expect?

What you'll notice most of all is a great improvement in overall health. Some people can have as much as 20lbs of waste matter accumulated in their colon which has been there for years! By flushing out this waste and purifying your colon you can prevent and eliminate many damaging problems and disorders.

It was a chronic stomach ulcer that first motivated Burroughs to come with the strategy. In just ten days of doing his master cleanse plan, he healed himself of the ulcer.

The waste matter is heavy in your gut and cleaning it out may lead to some significant weight-loss. Obviously the volume of waste which is accumulated in your colon will ascertain exactly the amount of weight you might lose. And along with weight loss from the waste elimination, you might also reduce some body fat because of the fact that you're not consuming food during this phase.

Other benefits include having clearer skin, more vitality and just feeling better and healthier generally.

What to expect during the cleanse

Do not expect this to be an easy detox with no obstacles. There are several common issues that people encounter such as lethargy, migraines, and the most obvious one - hunger!. Some if not all of these can be eliminated, however.

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